Exercise Your Quality of Life Depends Upon This Exercise

the Turkish Get Up

The quality of your life depends upon your ability to at least pattern a Turkish Get Up!

A few years ago, I worked with Gretchen to improve the quality of her life. Unfortunately, Gretchen could not play with her grandchildren because she couldn’t position her body at their level, which was on the floor. She desperately wanted to spend quality time with them, and the only thing in her way was her inability to move her body.

We began integrating movement components necessary to help her accomplish this goal. Over time, these components came together into an exercise or skill we regularly teach to nearly all of our members, the Turkish Get Up. The quality of your life depends upon your ability to at least pattern a Turkish Get Up.

Sure, she should have invested and prioritized her health earlier in life, but that’s a story for another day.

You may not realize the importance of going from a standing position to the floor and back to standing until you can’t.

We finally realize our lack of appreciation for most things in life when we no longer have them. Whether it is a relationship, money, or movement, working hard and as early as possible to keep what you have is essential.

The Turkish Get Up is a skill included in our programming (see the Beast Mode workout scheme) that helps you practice this vital movement, enhancing your life quality. If you haven’t learned how to pattern the Turkish Get Up, take a look at this video and let’s start improving the quality of your life.


Once you can pattern the Turkish Get Up, let’s go ahead and begin loading the movement pattern. Would you please start with a shoe to prove proficiency before loading with a Kettlebell? Take a look:


Now the real fun begins. Increasing loads and challenging yourself with the Toilet Paper Challenge keeps you progressing with the Turkish Get Up. Let’s see if I can tackle a 10 toilet paper TGU:.

Take the toilet paper challenge yourself!


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