Korey McCoy

Albany, United States

Korey McCoy

Albany, United States

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The Happiness Hack

10 Nov 2021

We all seek happiness in our lives, yet happiness seems fleeting for most. But what if we could identify the keys to happiness? And better yet, what if we could manufacture and set up daily happiness mechanisms and rituals into our daily schedules? In one of the longest-running studies on happiness, The Harvard Study of Adult […]

Your Quality of Life Depends Upon This Exercise

22 Oct 2021

A few years ago, I worked with Gretchen to improve the quality of her life. Unfortunately, Gretchen could not play with her grandchildren because she couldn’t position her body at their level, which was on the floor. She desperately wanted to spend quality time with them, and the only thing in her way was her […]

Body Transformation Progress

21 Oct 2021

Transformation begins with progress. We talk about progress constantly. Progress is a concept of taking small steps in the right direction. These small steps begin with a coachable mindset and emphasize awareness of feeling better. What happens when you mix consistency with these small steps of progress? A total body transformation A total body transformation looks different for everyone. For some, a change […]

The Best Way to Make Exercise Habitual

5 Oct 2021

You can define a habit as: A settled or regular tendency or practice, especially one that is hard to give up. When I read and try to understand this definition, I can’t help but think of examples that reflect this meaning. One example we can all connect with is wiping our butt. We have a […]

Life Stress and Your Fitness

30 Jun 2021

Let’s think of life stress as experiences that produce strain. These experiences may involve relationships, employment, finances, and parenting, to name a few. Strain refers to the body’s response to the experiences, which is mainly unconscious. The unconscious actions are where the nervous system connects to organs and muscle function, and ultimately your workouts. In […]