Are you a busy over 30 professional and/or parent who wants to get in shape but you struggle finding time, motivation and you're not 100% sure what to do? I can help you get your fitness goals. Message me and let me show you how!

Main Products

  • Drop A Dress Size In 8 Weeks

    This program is designed for busy ladies who want to drop a dress size in 8 weeks. I will provide an 8-week training and lifestyle program that will help you to a small waist and hip so that you feel great about getting into a smaller dress. I will be working closely with the group with one to one coaching calls and online support. There is a full money-back guarantee throughout the 8 weeks so if you're not happy with your results you can get your money back.

    £80.00 GBP
    per 4 weeks
  • Lose 3-5kg/ Drop a Dress Size in 8 Weeks

    Busy professionals over 30 with 3-5kg (or more) to lose! This program is designed for you. Accountability, short and effective workouts, online support, and habit coaching to guarantee results or your money back. What's included? -Custom app access with goals setting, progress tracking fitness plan, diet & habit coaching and instant messaging -Weekly Coaching Calls to make sure you're on track and motivated -Access to a private group for extra motivation -Easy to follow recipe pack with healthy recipes and sample meal plan -Weekly healthy eating and lifestyle change lessons You will also get a 20% discount on any Withings product such as fitness trackers & smart scales! Let's Make You a Better version of yourself!

    £160.00 GBP
    one time
  • Online Coaching Subscription

    This is the core of my coaching programs. Whether you train in person or remotely this subscription will give you access to the training app with all of its features. What's included? Workout videos, 1-1 coaching calls, personalized fitness program, diet and habit coaching, goal setting, progress tracking, instant messaging, support group access. You will also be able to purchase personal training sessions in person or online at a cheaper rate. There is no minimum commitment, you can cancel your subscription through the web version of the app or by messaging your trainer before your next payment. (Please give at least 5 working days notice before your next payment to avoid getting charged after cancelling.)

    £80.00 GBP
    per month


  • 90 Days Personalised Meal Plan

    This product includes a personalised meal plan with 90 days of nutrition coaching, caloric intake recommendations to suit your goals and needs and a full macro split with recipes that will fit your plan. Please allow 3-5 working days from the date of purchase to your plan to be ready for you. The plan also includes adjustments within the 90 days, please allow another 3-5 working days for your adjustments to be ready in some cases.

    £90.00 GBP
    one time