Exercise Top 3 Things to Do Before Competing in Bodybuilding

competing in bodybuilding

Things to do before competing in bodybuilding

When it comes to fitness, a lot of people look through social media and see all these crazy shredded bodies! But what do you need to know before you hit the stage!

1)  What is your sole purpose of competing in bodybuilding?

Are you looking to just get shredded and look fit because if so then you are in the wrong place.  The first thing we have to look at is, competing for males at 4%-5% or females being below 15% can have a lot of issues along the way! My greatest challenge was knowing what I was willing to do to help me reach my goal.

I had to allow myself to look at the why! Why did I want to compete, so people could notice me, so I can land a big sponsorship?  This lead me to my thought process of being a competitor knowing that I can continue pushing myself to be the best I can be and to inspire others along the way!

2) How does your knowledge stack up when it comes to knowing the basic nutrition, workouts, and supplementation

Does your knowledge go as far as a google search? Are you looking into ways to continue building your own toolbox? This comes also with doing your research when it comes to hiring a reliable coach!

I feel that now and days we see so many influencers who get fitness and have all of the followers but do their own values match up with yours. This can be crucial in regards to building your ideal physique. Finding what works for you and identifying new things about your body along the way!

3) Show me the money!!!

Look into your budgeting situation before setting your eyes on a show!

It isn’t as easy as just signing up and showing up! You will have to consider many things before that first initial step! Will you hire a coach, typically they will range from $300—$1500 depending on how good they are and their own credentials or could be more! This is a ball park range!

Food, while we think of eating as a part of our daily life, we also have to consider the amount of food you will be taking in, are you willing to pay XXX amount each month on top of your other groceries, especially if you have a family!  Furthering our own understanding of budgeting for a show, you will be required to purchase a membership card, tanning, makeup/jewelry ( female divisions), suits (required) prices may vary, and traveling expenses!!

The purpose of this blog is to inform that there are so many moving parts when it comes to building yourself as a competitor. It’s going to take a lot of sacrifice in regards to how competitive you want to be in this sport without breaking the bank!

At the end of the day, this sport has been amazing but I know that it is an expensive one to say the least! Just because I am spending all this time, money, and effort into isn’t always guaranteeing me to walk out with a trophy! Trophies are earned not given, depending on the show of course and the amount of competitors who show up!

My goal for my upcoming prep is to blog my expenses, foods, and much much more! This will allow me to further hold myself accountable while sharing some insight with you guys as well!!



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