Wellness Top 3 Ways to Deal With Body Dysmorphia

body dysmorphia

Body Dysmorphia comes from a mental health disorder in which you are unable to think of the good

Before we jump in, we must identify what Body Dysmorphia is!

When we think about fitness, we see all the growth, successes, failures, selfies, and much more! Which are all the great concepts we want out of our fitness journey! But what about the bad? What about the way we see ourselves vs the way people see us? When it comes to the visual of our own image. That we aren’t good enough, we haven’t really changed much, we are still overweight, too skinny, or not muscular enough to compete.

This is where Body Dysmorphis, which can affect both men and women, comes from. A mental health disorder in which you are unable to think of the good and focus on the flaws or find a defect that isn’t really there. No matter how many times people can shower you with compliments, you are your hardest critic.

Here are my top 3 ways to help with Body Dysmorphia

As a teenager who was 120-130 lbs, skinny, not the most athletic, and the confidence of Piglet from Winnie the Pooh…

I find myself at times struggling with the image of my current self and not feeling good enough. As you hear a lot in the bodybuilding world, that’s just a part of the game… Never satisfied. Now, 30 years old and a coach of hundreds of clients, I have found that this is my biggest flaw. It isn’t that I haven’t made huge strides, but it’s the concept of always wanting to be better because all I see is that teenage boy. 

Now, how can we help with Body Dysmorphia, here are my top 3 ways of being confident in your own skin!

1) Write in a Journal

Simple but yet effective when it comes to self-expression and prioritizing your positive thinking. Allowing yourself the opportunity to feel confident in your own skin whether that is in a weight loss phase or weight gain. Furthering your own confidence through the process and coming to find that when it comes to looking at ourselves and by allowing this to be done through written expression can provide yourself insight on the progress you have made since day 1 both physically and mentally!

2) Don’t become isolated

Don’t lock yourself away in a castle because you think you look like a hideous orgor! When it comes to socializing, put yourself in a place to be confident and around the people who are only going to bring you up! This provides ourselve the empowerment of what you are working for is all worth it! Then the moment we take away the social aspect, we may find that our negative thoughts begin to take over and put negative thoughts in your head. That is the last thing we want to do when it comes to becoming a better version of ourselves!

3) Take care of yourself

Whether this is something mental or physical, we have to understand that we will always be our hardest critic! People at times will say or do things to make you feel that what you are doing is pointless. But when we reflect on where we started vs where we are today. We will find that the relationship you have with food is one that is fueling your workouts while eating more! The weight you were struggling to lift is now your warm-up!

Keep up the hard work, it will ALWAYS be worth it in the end! Realize that there is no age that YOU cannot take control of your health! 

As always, thanks for reading!


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