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pre-workout vs energy drinks

Pre-workout vs energy drinks? Let’s see the Pro’s and Con’s for each one of them

It seems no matter where you go in the world, there will always be a wide variety both pre-workout and energy drinks.

At times, I feel that there are so many different types of energy drinks and pre-workouts, it’s really hard to tell what to choose… Some will have a ton of caffeine, where others may market themselves as organic. When you step into the gym you can always guarantee one or two things, shaker cups filled with pre-workout or an energy drink being carried around the gym.

⁣Listed below are the Pros and Cons of taking these supplementations

⁣⁣So what are the Pro’s and Con’s of taking them?⁣⁣


  • Improves stamina⁣⁣
  • More power output⁣⁣
  • Increased blood flows 
  • Heightened concentration during training.
  • Tastes good⁣⁣ (depending on company and flavor of choice) 
  • Includes things like caffeine, creatine, b-12, Vitamin C, beta alanine, other vitamins, and minerals (may need additional supplementation)


  • May find yourself spending a lot of $$$$
  • May lead to overstimulation or increased tolerance to caffeine ( more is not better)
  • Increases blood pressure so be careful if already diagnosed with high BP⁣⁣
  • Could lead to dehydration if over consumed.⁣⁣ ( must find a good balance in hydration)
  • Possibility of addiction in some people ( caffeine) 
  • Too much can cause insomnia⁣⁣ ( do not take pre-workout/energy drink 5-8 hours before bed)

Now onto the question:

Do we really need them?

Let me go ahead and say this. Are they NEEDED absolutely NOT but they sure do help get things going when it comes to workouts or kick-starting your morning!
As you try different energy drinks and pre-workouts, you must consider how your body tolerates the different levels and focusing on your digestive system. I have found that specific products such as GAT have been very beneficial in my training and the way my body feels. This would be the same for ZOA energy, when it comes to REIGN/Monster, I feel the caffeine and ingredients are not for me and make me feel very jittery and anxious throughout the day. The difference would be 325mg in REIGN/MONSTER vs 160 mg in ZOA. 

⁣⁣⁣⁣If you are utilizing these products each and every day, you may find that your tolerance level increases and you are increasing the amount you are consuming. More is not always better. This could lead to health issues down the road. I always recommend cycling off every 4-weeks to help continue monitoring and providing your body a break.

⁣⁣As always, I am a big supporter of whole foods 1st. If you aren’t eating the proper foods and consuming the right macro or micronutrients then no matter what you do for your supplementation, you may find yourself spinning your wheels.

Thanks for reading!


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