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Weight Loss

When you think about the difficulties of weight loss some things which may come to mind are genetics, cravings, time, money, support or injuries. Whilst these are indeed all barriers which individuals face daily in the struggle to transform their health and lose a few unwanted kilos, in my experience a far greater roadblock in an individual’s journey to their ideal body is, in fact, negative self-belief.

Negative self-belief is a manifestation of 100’s of broken promises to ourselves. It is the “I am going to get up earlier starting Monday”, this year I am going to actually follow through on my new year’s resolutions. It’s countless self-sabotaging moments and failures built up over years building a level of distrust in one’s own ability to succeed. The impact this disbelief in ourselves and our ability to succeed begins to shape the way we think and in turn, we find ways to talk ourselves out of success.

In my experience by creating self-belief, creating smaller targets and focusing on habits instead of long term goals like weight loss as a priority I have been able to change the mindset of 100’s of individuals and create long term physical change and success.

Below I am going to outline 3 steps you can begin today to increase your own self-belief.

Begin the snowball of confidence! It will help you not only with your health and fitness but in all aspects of your life.

1) The first thing you need to do today is to create a “Power Promise”. This is one thing you know without a doubt you can do every single day, week or month. This can be as simple as drinking 1 liter of water daily, waking up before 9 am, or any variety of expectations you can succeed with. This is your first step into believing your own inner voice and capability to succeed goals written down.

2) Secondly, you are going to get a planner or diary in which you will write down every successful moment that resonates with you at the end of each week. This will re-enforce your successes and keep you focused on the positive outcomes of your life.

3) Thirdly you are going to write an end goal and break that into as many mini-goals as possible. Every time you check another step off the list once again you are further redefining your own ability and reinforcing your ability to succeed.

Getting your mindset right should be the biggest priority in everything we do! Remember, your own definition of yourself and the stories you believe about yourself determine your future. Take the time today to change to a new chapter. Begin a more positive and empowering chapter of your life. I wish nothing but success and health for all of you.

Matthew Logovik

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