Exercise Weight Loss Made Simple

weight loss

Weight loss made easy

Want a simplified plan to begin transforming your body today? I will keep this simple. Weight loss is not hard. Not worrying about what others think is hard. Believing in yourself and changing your narrative is hard. Following through with your own promises is hard. I repeat weight loss is not hard.

Begin today simply by removing all processed foods from your diet

Soft drink is not designed for our body, nor is biscuits, lollies, cake, etc. If it doesn’t come from the earth then don’t eat it. If you struggle with cravings from this I suggest taking chromium Picolinate and 3-5g Glutamine daily.

Focus each meal around a protein source

For instance, eggs, chicken, fish, turkey, beef, beans and lentils should be the basis of each meal.


Drink 3 liters of water daily. Our body is primarily made from water and hydration helps the body perform at its optimal and has a slight increase in basal metabolic rate. (This is the rate we burn fat or energy).

Move your body for 45 minutes every day

This can be as easy as going for a walk, or training in a gym. So don’t over-complicate this.

Supplement 3000mg fish oil daily

We tend to over-complicate our goals. I have seen too many individuals follow advice from “social media experts” all with varying information creating this confused, disconnected strategy to weightloss which leaves the individual feeling overwhelmed, confused or completely restricted. To be effective with the goals we need to simplify and create a plan that is easy, maintainable and consistent.

Follow these steps for 2 weeks, let me know what results you get. If anyone actually follows this through and records their progress I will offer a complimentary weight loss breakthrough session valued at $199 totally free. Comment below or message me if you are going to try this.

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