Lifestyle The Most Important Question Affecting Your Entire Life!

The Most Important Question Affecting Your Entire Life!

The Most Important Question Affecting Your Entire Life!

When asked what we want we can almost immediately come up with a dozen things. We want success, we want, love, meaningful relationships, we want money, we want health, and a drop-dead gorgeous frame to account for it! So WHY don’t we have what we desire? Ask yourself this question … “What are my wants attached to? What did you come up with? Are you perhaps drawing a blank? More than likely so.

The reason being is our wants aren’t attached to anything VALUABLE. If there’s no physical emotion attached to what you want … If there’s nothing tangible driving you to get up every day and attack your wants it’s not a WANT, it’s a desire! And when we desire things without some sort of attachment we’re literally selling ourselves a pipe dream.  It’s like going fishing for salmon in your bathtub … You can hope and pray long as you want to catch a fish, but the reality you’re not facing is you’re not going to catch what you want fishing in the bathtub, you’ve gotta go to the lake!

In other words, you cannot do what you did yesterday and expect something extravagant to happen to you today! You cannot afford to drag old habits into new beginnings.  So it’s not enough for us to WANT things to happen for us in life … We must attach something sacred to what we want, and when we do that what we once wanted becomes a NEED! When we stop waiting for what we want to happen to us and we go out and spend our energy creating it.

So I ask you what are you going to do differently today to create the outcome you WANT? Are you going to travel at a different pace or continue waiting for a ride?


As long as you’re fixed in a mindset that’s waiting for the opportunity to grow you’ll never see the results you WANT.

I’d like to know what you’re going to do differently today to change your outcome today! Feel free to write your response here … Dialogue is a good thing!

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