Wellness How To Deal With Toxic People. Don’t Kill My Vibe!

toxic people

How to deal with toxic people. Don’t kill my vibe!

Disconnecting from certain toxic people can bless your life! 

If you’re still on the fence in regards to “energy” being a real thing, here’s something to put on your head:

You: Having a spectacular morning …
Fresh clothes
Car clean with the tires slick

Walking out the door and your phone rings… And it’s someone you’d much rather not speak to! As the legendary Busta Rhymes once said “If I ever see these friends again that **** will be too soon!”

More than likely this is that point where you start cursing at this demonic being that had the audacity to call you and “kill your vibe”.

Energy acts as an invisible force & a force is designed to be felt. It might seem simple enough to just avoid toxic people like the plague, but what happens when that plague is close ones, loved ones, can’t-get-rid-of ones!

Will find ourselves compensating and adjusting our “frequency” to make our relationships with them more tolerable. But unfortunately, this does not come without danger! That being: it’s possible for what was once “tolerance” to transform into “normalcy.”

Tolerance = “I love my toxic friend & am willing to accept their behaviors and attitudes without judgement”
Normalcy = “I love my toxic friend & expect their behaviors and attitudes therefore I reflect”

This is a simple scenario of predicting outcomes before they occur. We get comfortable with the behaviors & attitudes of people rather toxic or harmonic and often come to a place of expectancy. In the case of our toxic friend, we tend to “expect” a low vibe so we tune our frequency to reflect such and enable toxic patterns. This doesn’t help them, this coddles them but this coddling is also comforting.

Sometimes to be the friend that cares means turning your frequency up and getting uncomfortable!

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