Trainers Resistance Training Changed My Life

This Is How I Discovered Who I Am Because Of Resistance Training

Resistance Training Changed My Life

As women, we are expected to look and act a certain way. You know, that skinny, blemish-free beauty who is bubbly and has it together all the time. As a middle class teenager growing up in a very superficial and ritzy area, I came to believe that this is the type of woman I had to become, despite the fact that I knew I could never be that woman.

Even though I was an athlete who associated with this “perfect” demographic, I felt inadequate due to my lack of style (comfort is my game), face destroyed by hormones, lifeless hair and a lack of confidence because I couldn’t stand up for myself. I put on an act to make my peers believe I loved myself and to force myself into believing it as well.

They say college is a time when you find out who you really are

Well, that time came and went, yet I was still lacking inner confidence. I seemed to have it all; I graduated a semester early with a respectful GPA, had a supportive boyfriend (now my husband) who asked me to move with him for his first Army assignment and I had my health! What more could a college graduate want (maybe a cushy job)? I decided to move with him to Oklahoma and definitely got some backlash, being a California girl with all this potential deciding to uproot her life to move to the Midwest. For the first time, I was taking control of my life, despite what the people closest to me thought. That move was the best decision I could have made for myself.

I landed a job at one of the gyms on Fort Sill

As a college graduate, accepting a job that paid $8.00 an hour was a bit of a punch in the gut, but since we were only supposed to be there for six months, I had to be happy someone would hire me at all. I brought my hard work ethic and permanent smile to the table and met great soldiers, family members and government employees. I realized that the amount I was being paid didn’t matter because I was an integral part of a fitness community. I encouraged someone to show up even if they didn’t feel up to working out that day. I let someone know I supported them and I got to witness soldiers smile despite the trials of what being a soldier entails. I loved my job because I felt the power of helping others!

Then, I found resistance training and my life was forever changed

I became friends with one of the gym regulars and she convinced me to come work out with her group. After a few weeks of resistance training, I was hooked! I loved the way I felt after lifting weights. As my body started to change from a beanpole to toned, my confidence grew exponentially. I finally felt strong! The regulars noticed my transformation and commented how my persona had completely changed.

I was no longer this meek girl, but a capable and empowered woman. I knew who I was and what I wanted to do with my life.

My story is a great example how one lifestyle change can actually change your life! I challenge you to do the same.

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