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Non-Scale Victories

Non-Scale Victories

Do you find yourself relying on the scale too much? Are you getting frustrated because the scale is not moving but you’re feeling great inside?
Yep, the scale will do that to you! The scale and I have a love-hate relationship with one another. I had to learn during my journey to step away and focus on other things.
Whether your goal is to lose weight, gain muscle, or maintain your weight it WILL NOT happen overnight and that is okay. When stepping on the scale all you see is a number then your mind may start to wonder. We tend to get caught up in what we see but never think about what’s not accounted for in that number such as sex, height, and muscle mass.

Going into the New Year we tend to set goals that aren’t as realistic as we may think. Then if we don’t achieve those goals we tend to relapse into old habits.

This year 2021 ditch the scale as your main tool of measurement when determining your success. Pay attention to some common non-scale victories and before you know it you will be at your end goal.

  1. Clothes fit better/looser than before
  2. Overall energy is better
  3. Endurance has improved. (You can do an extra 2 reps during your workout, running faster or even lifting heavier)
  4. Sleep longer during the night
  5. Losing inches
  6. Exercise seems less like a chore
  7. Fewer cravings for unhealthy food
  8. Less medication
  9. It’s easier to get up and out of your seat
  10. More confident in your own skin
                         ✨Now let’s wrap this up ✨

These are just some of the NSV’s that I look to while on my own journey. No matter what your goal is there are always victories that should be celebrated along the way. No victory is too small to celebrate. When these victories come about I guarantee they will keep you pushing.

Don’t give up, you got it!


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