Lifestyle New Year – Now What?

Everyone approaches the new you with a sense of renewal and resolve to better, but what if you’ve already “failed” less than a month into the New Year?

New Year – Now What?

Pick your self up and start over, again and again and again and again, if that’s what it takes to claim your version of success.

New Year – Now What?

Small changes, ones you can really live with are the ones that will be sustainable.  As strange as it may sound, I do not recommend starting a training plan and a diet at the same time.

There I said it.  I’ve seen this recipe implode over and over as it is too much too soon for some people.  I suggest building better habits one at a time a day at time – building better habits weekly.

First, get in the habit of exercising regularly.  Each week, record one thing outside of exercise that leans toward better health that you’ve changed.  Small changes each week are easier to adapt to without feeling overwhelmed or deprived.  Things like drinking more water, cutting back on soda, eating less red meat, eating out less, reducing sugar intake – all, if done, one at a time, collectively will lead to a better lifestyle along with regular exercise.

So there you go, now come up with an achievable plan that works for YOU.

It is not too late!


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