Nutrition Do you need protein?

We need protein to stay healthy. Good news… You are probably already eating enough!

Do you need more protein?

Eating protein is one of the simplest ways to lose fat and have a better looking body, why? Protein keeps you fuller for longer – leading to better food choices all day long, it also helps to build & repair muscle. The more lean muscle you have, the more effective your body is at burning calories, simple!

Here’s a quick guide and why you need protein:

An average female doing no training at all requires around 0.8g of protein per body weight (e.g. A 60kg woman would require 48g protein per day)

A female lifting weights regularly generally requires 1g of protein per body weight (e.g. A 60kg woman would require 60g protein per day)

A female endurance athlete requires a higher amount around 1.2-1.7g per body weight (e.g. A 60kg woman would require between 62g and 102g protein per day)

People often only think about meat and dairy when talking about protein but it exists in nearly every food we eat; except fruit, simple sugars and fats.

Here is a quick guide to the protein content in some foods you are probably already eating:

1 large egg = 6g protein

Almonds (28g serving) = 6g protein

Chicken breast (roasted, no skin) = 53g protein!!!

Oats (1/2 cup raw) = 13g protein

Cottage cheese (1 cup) = 27g protein

Non fat Greek yoghurt (170g tub) = 17g protein

Canned tuna in water (1 cup) = 39g protein

Any questions or for a specific food you would like to know the protein content of just get in touch!

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