Trainers You Need A Coach!

Let me tell you, you need a coach!

You Need A Coach!

I know you probably think, I don’t need a coach.

I can eat healthy and workout on my own. But are you doing it? Are you doing it the right way for you? Are you struggling with energy levels? Are you struggling with doing too much or not doing enough? You think a personal trainer or coach costs too much but let’s discuss!

Are you paying for doctors visits or medicine that could be replaced with nutrition and exercise?

Are you taking time off work because you have no energy or you are always sick? Are you paying for fast food/eating out, coffee, energy drinks, alcoholic beverages, and insert any other bad habit here that could be replaced with nutrition and exercise? Are you paying for shakes and supplements as an easy out for weight loss? Yes, some may be needed but if your nutrition is on point you shouldn’t need much. Could you get rid of some of your Netflix, Hulu, and cable accounts to free up more time for meditation, exercise, cooking healthy meals and gratitude journals? Sit down. Take a REAL look at your bank account and see how all those expenses add up each month and over the year.

Recently I just finished my first half marathon. I chose to work with a coach as opposed to just following a Pinterest plan.

Why did I choose this?

The coach I chose had run 1/2 marathons and marathons herself. She does CrossFit and she is a Physical Therapist specializing in mobility for athletes. Her program was based on heart rate training and mobility as opposed to getting miles in. The program also consisted of cross training and strength training, you know, to avoid injury of constant running. I’ve heard of so many injuries from marathons and I wanted a program that would keep me moving without pain.

I also knew I needed to hireĀ a coach to hold me accountable. Even though the workouts were delivered through email, I knew she would be there to help me through any issues and struggles. The best part was connecting with others training with her and being able to train together and share experiences. I would have paid the fee 5x over for the experience that I had. I achieve my goal of completing a half marathon injury free and bonus, I finished 11 mins faster than thought I would.

Although I myself am a personal trainer, I have paid other trainers to coach me through many different times in my life and it was always worth every penny. For example, that time when my wedding dress was too tight two months before my wedding. I totally paid a trainer to help me lose the pounds during that stressful time of wedding planning. Sometimes you just need the accountability, but sometimes you need to be taken to the next level and achieve things you didn’t think were possible.

If you are struggling with health and fitness, find a way to pay that coach (the right one for you).

You can discover things you didn’t know about yourself. You can also overcome so many mindset blocks when you are talking through your fears and struggles with someone else who can see from the outside where you need to go. Plus, wouldn’t it be awesome to feel so good in your own skin and have the energy to conquer your day?!

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