Nutrition Keto Diet Fail

If you are going on the keto diet, your carb intake has to be about less than 5% of your entire macro intake.

Keto Diet Fail

Keto Diet Fail

Drinking a supplement to put you in ketosis is putting you between TWO metabolic states… one being your body is burning fat for its major source of energy and the other is using carbohydrates as your major source of energy. If you are not naturally in ketosis and your drink wears off, what do you imagine that is doing to your metabolism?? Your body is all sorts of confused! It takes up to 3 months for your body to be in a steady state with ketosis to the point where you could introduce a few carbs back into your diet and then easily go back into ketosis.

This may be where the supplement could come in handy. After you have established ketosis, THEN you have your keto drink before a glass of wine. THESE DRINKS ARE SUPPLEMENTS NOT QUICK FIXES!!! You still have to follow the diet to achieve the goals. If you want a little more mental clarity without spending the big bucks, add some coconut oil to your diet.

If you are a doctor casually prescribing this diet to your patient (who has no freaking clue), please don’t set them up for failure. Otherwise you are going to have someone eating a bacon wrapped cheeseburger and then not understanding they cannot have the beer to go with it. I tried keto once (no bread, rice, starchy vegetable, sugar, wine, etc) but I could not achieve keto because I was consuming TOO MANY VEGETABLES and not even the starchy ones. Don’t forget to tell them about the KETO FLU and that they will need more electrolytes. OMG… the thought makes me cringe that this is being prescribe without a plan of action and someone to hold them accountable.

I have read and listened to many scientific benefits of true ketosis. But I know that the majority of society doesn’t have the willpower to do this diet properly. RESEARCH WHAT THE HECK YOU ARE DOING FIRST! Save your money on silly products. Go to the gym. Eat real food.

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