Exercise How NASM OPT Model Helps Clients Accomplish Their Fitness Goals

The versatility of the NASM OPT model enables a systematic approach to designing and executing programs for clients with different goals. The OPT model breaks down training to multiple levels.

How NASM OPT Model Helps Clients Accomplish Their Fitness Goals


Level 1 – Stabilization has only 1 phase. Phase 1- Stabilization Endurance. It primarily focuses on increasing muscular endurance and stability while developing coordination (neuromuscular efficiency). This will help your client with overall posture and help with stabilizing joints.

Level 2 – Strength is consists of 3 phases. Phase 1- Strength Endurance. Phase 2 – Hypertrophy and Phase- 3 Maximal Strength. As a result, with these three phases, this level targets and improves stabilization endurance, prime mover strength, and overall work capacity. Also, it focuses on enhancing joint stabilization, increasing lean body mass and muscle size, frequency of motor unit recruitment and improving peak force.

Finally, Level 3 – Power which includes 1 phase Power Training. The Power level aims to enhance neuromuscular efficiency, prime mover strength, and increases rate of force production.

So essentially, using the structure of the OPT model a trainer can effectively put together a training program to guide individual to their goals safely and effectively. Most importantly, OPT model fits any person with any goal.


It is an exercise performed by engaging the core while maintaining balance which helps create coordination.


  1. Single leg RDL
  2. Single Leg Shoulder Press
  3. Swiss Ball Chest Press


A resistance exercise categorized with strength due to the stable environment the exercise is performed in so this exercise an individual can focus more on overall work capacity.


  1. Barbell Bench Press
  2. Seated Dumbell Shoulder Press
  3. Wide Grip Lat Pulldown


It is a resistance exercise categorized with power because this movement is targeted towards increasing rate of force production.


  1. Jump Squat
  2. Battle Ropes
  3. Kettlebell Cleans

Finally, a squat is an exercise that individual can perform in all aspects of the OPT model. This is due to the many different variations one can perform this exercise. For example, single leg squat (stabilization), barbell back squat (strength) or a jump Squat (power)

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