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motivation in body transformation

How to keep up your motivation in your body transformation journey


When you have it, you feel like you are being pulled towards your fitness goals, you feel unstoppable. You have an almost sense of duty to stand up and get moving.

When you lack it, you struggle to get up and do anything, often resorting to easy convenience, and sitting down becomes more exciting than actually getting on your trainers and going out for a run/gym.

Why is it, some people seem so motivated all the time whilst we struggle ourselves daily?

And if there is some secret sauce, what is that delicious nectar?

Well, the short answer is: motivation comes and goes.

It’s like a cat, it will come and go as it pleases. When you want it, it will not be there. When you least expect it, motivation will come back to you giving you all of its attention.

Motivation is often thought of as something we must first find because we can do something.

I know because I’ve been there too.

But often motivation is a result of something far simpler, yet oftentimes far scarier.

That is Action.

Taking action when we don’t feel like it, can feel so alien to us, that we don’t even contemplate the fact that taking a simple step forward can motivate us to take another; and another; and another.

But what stops us from taking action in the first place?

Now there’s a question.

Action is a muscle like any other. Although not a physical one, it requires taking our overthinking brain and allowing ourselves to get into our body and just do.

To take action requires a sense of urgency, a sense of pain if we stay where we are at, and a gigantic reward waiting for us should we take action in the first place.

Therefore the following 5 tips, should help you to take action and boost your motivation once again in your body transformation journey:


Vividly imagine and write down how your life would look in 3 years if you took action today. How would your relationships look, your health, and your career? Would you be further ahead? Would the confidence of a fit body help propel you in areas?


What would your life be like in 3 years if you failed? If you never toned up your body and looked the way you wanted? How would that lack of confidence affect your relationships, health and career in the future? Would it hold you back and waste time you will never get back?

1% better:

Do something today that moves you forward even by 1%. This can be 5 push-ups, 10 star jumps, or even drinking a glass of water. Do ONE thing that moves you forward no matter what. See if you can maintain this daily regardless of how bad you feel. Build the action muscle.


Do you know someone, maybe a coach or a friend that you can train with? Maybe someone who wants to transform their body too and can be there for you when you need it the most? Even stating your willingness to Transform publicly or to someone close can elevate your urgency to start taking action.

Imperfect Action:

Maybe you like to do everything perfectly. Realize that perfection is a term that is impossible to ever meet. You, I, and everyone will never be perfect. Wanting to be perfect all the time is damaging to our ability to get up and get moving. Destroy that need for perfection instantly and start taking strides forward. You will learn more by doing than you ever will be analyzing.

I hope these 5 tips help you take even ONE step forward.

Because often that one step is all you need to reignite your passion for why you wanted to transform your body in the first place.

Realize that the confidence and motivation you get from changing your body will have ripples on every other aspect of your life.

Life begins beyond your comfort zone.

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