Nick Finch

Southampton, United Kingdom

Nick Finch

Southampton, United Kingdom

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The Golden Rule for Losing Body Fat

9 Aug 2022

Losing Body Fat can be challenging. We are fighting against our bodies’ response to keep food coming in so we can stay alive, rebuild and thrive. Some of these responses involve: – Our senses becoming more heightened – Stress response going up to promote energy release – A strong desire to eat For those that […]

The Obstacle is the Way

9 Aug 2022

Hey there! I’m sure you’ve heard the phrase “The Obstacle is the way” before. It’s this phrase that’s so simple yet packs such an important message when it comes to chasing our fitness goals, or any for that matter. Because of that, I want to break this down into something we hear about often: DISCIPLINE […]

Mental Health vs Physical Health. Which Comes First?

25 Apr 2021

Mental health. That one sentence has meant more in the past year than in any year before it. Yet, we find ourselves still questioning what it means, how to obtain it, and even more importantly, how come we can never quite master it. Now I’d like to begin this post by saying, I’m not a […]

Your Summer Body Fat Loss Guide

11 Apr 2021

Summer is only 12 weeks away. Now, many ask: โ€œHow can I lose weight for summer?โ€. But I want to direct your focus to what you are really after. That is a toned, fit & strong-looking physique. To achieve this, your aim shouldnโ€™t be to lose weight, but rather to lose fat. And to that, […]

Fat Loss Process Slowed Down? Don’t Quit!

30 Mar 2021

There’s a saying. It takes 4 weeks to feel a difference in your Body Transformation program. It takes 8 weeks to see a difference. It takes 12 weeks for others to see a difference. When you are going through change, you will go inevitably go through the ‘bad’ stage.ย The stage where you’re doing everything right, […]

Can’t Seem to Stay Motivated? Here’s Why

26 Mar 2021

Motivation. When you have it, you feel like you are being pulled towards your fitness goals, you feel unstoppable. You have an almost sense of duty to stand up and get moving. When you lack it, you struggle to get up and do anything, often resorting to easy convenience, and sitting down becomes more exciting […]