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The first step in any fat loss process is to overcome the ‘hump’ stage

There’s a saying.

It takes 4 weeks to feel a difference in your Body Transformation program.
It takes 8 weeks to see a difference.
It takes 12 weeks for others to see a difference.

When you are going through change, you will go inevitably go through the ‘bad’ stage. The stage where you’re doing everything right, but your body doesn’t look any different; possibly even worse!

You are exercising 3-4 x week, you are eating right, you’ve sacrificed that social night on the weekend in order to lose the extra lb’s, and here you are, feeling sorry for yourself. You look in the mirror, you feel a little soft. Your abs aren’t showing up as they were a week before. You feel a lack of energy and the initial glow of starting your training plan has gone.

This is what I like to call, the ‘hump’ stage.

The thing is, everyone goes through it.

Every Fitness Model you are inspired by, every Fitness Influencer, Bodybuilder, Model, Actor that has ever gotten into shape. Has gone through this stage.

The reason why you shouldn’t give up?

Because you are so close to seeing the results.

As you start your physique transformation and lose 2-3kg in the first week. You are in fact losing a lot of muscle glycogen that is being used up as fuel due to a lack of calories.  As you lose muscle glycogen, you lose water in the muscle with it. This results in a muscle that is flatter, and your body shape takes a turn for the worse.

You also likely lost a little bit of fat. But at this stage, it’s hardly noticeable. Now fat loss takes a little bit of time, and it occurs at an almost constant slow rate. If you continue with your goals, as the weeks go by, you will inevitably start accumulating more fat loss, and eventually, you will start to see the shape underneath expose itself.

At this point, you will start to become motivated by your progress. You will see that you can do this.  But you have to overcome that hump stage first!

So if you are on your Fit journey right now, whatever it may be:

Remember, the first few weeks are the hardest.

But just like clay takes time to warm up before you can mold it.  You need a little more time before you finally see the shape underneath. Don’t quit in the hump stage!

Life begins beyond your comfort zone.

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