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Do we really speak enough about the impact exercise has on our mental health?

Where ever we look on the Internet, in magazines or speaking to others in gyms we all know that exercise has many physical health benefits. But do we really speak enough about the impact exercise has on our own mental health?

We have all grown up looking at super fit and lean men and women on our TV screens. Most recently social media and been lead to believe that having the big muscles, abs and peachy glutes is what everyone should aspire to be like. Sure, theres nothing better at times than seeing that progress in the mirror from a period of consistent training and routine. And there’s nothing wrong too in having aesthetic goals. However, are these aesthetic goals we are setting for ourselves the real reason we are wanting to change? Or are these being driven from a desire to look a certain way that is likely to in the long run de-motivate us?

Social norms and self-esteem

In recent years I have found many of my clients have a low self esteem because of these social norms to look and feel a certain way. None of them are focusing on the small wins that will actually boost that esteem.

I always aim to train my clients mentality first. The physical benefits will come naturally once you master the mind.

Did you know, a study done by Harvard T.H Chan school of public health found that running for 15 minutes or even just walking for 1 hour reduces the risk of depression by up to 26%? As well as maintaining an exercise routine can prevent you from relapsing?

Next time you’re in the gym instead of thinking about what you see in the mirror or those you see around you, I challenge you to celebrate the fact you even made it to the gym and you’re moving your body. This could be the one hour in your day you can really dedicate to yourself and switch off from the outside world. So enjoy it!

Be present with yourself and own your session. I promise you by taking this small step you will see great progress in your own mental health, confidence and positivity both in and out of the gym itself.

Now go get it!


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