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tips on how to stay motivated

Here are my top 5 tips on how to stay motivated

I have always been someone that has naturally been quite driven, and if I set my mind to something, I will generally do everything I can to achieve it. If it means something to me, I’ll do it! However, that is not to say that along the way there aren’t many potholes and obstacles to overcome and that’s absolutely okay. No matter what our goals in life we will always face hard times that either test us physically or test us mentally and it’s in overcoming these hurdles where we really learn about our true selves and character.

Even as a fitness professional I have many days where I have to really search within myself to complete my training, my admin, or even set aside the time to meal prep and ensure my nutrition is suitable for the upcoming week. Here are my top 5 tips on how I stay motivated:

Do something you enjoy

If you don’t enjoy what you’re doing you’re less likely to stick to the behaviour long term. Perhaps you like lifting weights, group fitness attending classes, or even going out for a run in the park. You’re more likely to stick to your training regime when you do something you enjoy. So get out there and experiment and find something you love!

Keep it short,┬ádon’t stress!

Whether it’s 30 minutes in the morning or a quick 10 minutes before bed, something is always better than nothing. We can often say to ourselves ‘I’m too busy or ‘I don’t have time’, when it actual fact we do we are just not prioritizing it. Don’t look at your workout like it needs to be a certain length of time or intensity like it didn’t count otherwise. Listen to your body, move your body, even those short few minutes will leave you feeling fantastic!

Accountability partner

This could be a friend, colleague, or even a personal trainer – seek out someone to help keep you accountable along the way. Having that accountability is so powerful as immediately we are intrinsically motivated to not disappoint our partner. By you putting in the hard work yourself your partner is likely to reciprocate the effort level and raise the bar for you both.

Follow a plan

Random training produces random results. Make sure you are follow a plan that is specific to your goals and has progressive achievable steps to help you along the way. Think about it like this if you were to work on your goals and improve just 1% each day, imagine where you would be in 1 year!

Start small

Following on from the last point it is always important to start small. Break your big overall goal down in lots of mini goals to keep you on the right path and ensuring you progress. Fix the simple and easiest things in your routine first before moving on to the next and in doing this you’re more likely to snowball momentum and make your change a habit!

So there you are, my top 5 tips on staying motivated. I hope these tips help you in some way whether it is just 1 that resonates with you or all 5, know that we all have those days when we find it difficult.

Just remember why you started in the first place and how great it will feel when you smash your goal!


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