Nutrition De-bunk the Myths About Nutrition

nutrition myths

Let’s de-bunk some nutrition myths about healthy and unhealthy food!

Nutrition is an integral part of a training lifestyle, but why is it often so over complicated?

In previous years food has often been demonized for being unhealthy and bad for us and we are often told to avoid these foods. Food does not come in ‘healthy’ or ‘unhealthy’ forms. But instead, they are nutrient dense and nutrient deficient along with calorie dense and non calorie dense foods. Its is often the calorie dense or nutrient deficient foods we are told to remove from our diets as it will make us fat.

The good news however is I am here to tell you that:

You could eat what you want and still lose weight

How? I am so glad you asked.

Each and every human on earth has a resting energy expenditure. THis is the amount of calories our body will require for our day-to-day bodily functions. We will also have a total daily energy expenditure. This will be dependant on how active we are in our day-to-day lives.

In order for our bodies to put on weight, our daily calorie consumption must exceed our daily expenditure (calorie surplus). On the flip side for us to lose weight, we must consume less than we expend (calorie deficit).

Therefore, in theory, if you filled your day eating whatever you liked but remained in a calorie deficit your body would lose weight. Great news!

Now let’s not go too far. If you consistently ate nutrient-deficient foods whether that be in a calorie surplus or deficit, we are likely to elicit health issues as a result of this deficiency.

Therefore we must strive to eat good nutrient-dense meals as often as we can to give our body its optimum nourishment.

Life is all about balance. If there is one thing I want you to take from this is: you can go and enjoy that take out or that ice cream! Just ensure you are integrating into a balanced lifestyle regardless of whether you are in a surplus, deficit or just looking to maintain. 

So let’s all stop demonizing foods and de-bunk those nutrition myths – NOW! 


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