Trainers How To Choose The Right Trainer

how to choose the right trainer

How to choose a trainer for the right reasons and get the best return on investment

The world of personal and online trainers can be a little daunting if it is something we have not previously done before. Each trainer will work tirelessly with their client to give them the best results they could wish for and then celebrate the success to attract further business. Whilst some clients may be achieving fantastic results with one trainee it does not necessarily mean they are the best trainer for you!

Investing in a personal/online trainer is an investment for our health and our future, but how do we ensure we get it right? In this blog I am going to give you my tips on how to ensure you choose a trainer for the right reasons allowing you to get the best return on investment.

  • Ask for a consultation

A consultation is a great way to get to know a trainer more, what they specialise in and how they can help you achieve your goals. A good trainer will not delve heavily into a sales pitch and should see it as an opportunity to see if you are the right client for them too. If at any point during this consultation you do not feel comfortable or feel convinced on this trainer – Do not invest!

  • Ask for references

Maybe you know some one who trains with the trainer you’re looking in to that you could speak to about their experience. Even if you do not, perhaps they have a website or social media page you could look up to see if they have any testimonials or feedback.

  • Working experience in a┬áspecialisation

Everyone has different goals, whether this be losing a few pounds, learning a new skill like Olympic lifting or even just improving our posture and overall movement quality. The important thing here is that you choose a trainer that has proven success in this area. You wouldn’t choose an olympic lifting coach if you needed rehab much like you wouldn’t choose a weight loss specialist if you were looking to gain weight in muscle. It is easy to get sucked in here to helping friends who are trainers to show our support, but ultimately if their speciality does not align with your goals – you’re wasting your time.

  • Education

I am a firm believer in life that we never stop learn nor should we ever assume we know all about a topic no matter the quantity of qualifications we have in it. This should be the attitude of your trainer too. Although your trainer should have a wealth of knowledge on a given topic, it is important that they keep ups killing themselves and aim to sharpen their tools regularly. Not only will this help towards their own mastery, it’ll help towards your goals too!

  • Compatibility

We all have different work schedules, so make sure your trainer suits yours too! Whether your a morning, lunch time or evening workout person, you want to make sure your trainer can accommodate you around when you like to train. There is no point taking on a trainer who can only work with you at times you least prefer, this is only going to lead to you in the long run lacking the motivation and wasting your own time. Some trainers work better with the same sex, some with the opposite and this is always something to consider too!

Hopefully, these tips help towards a safe investment for your health and fitness goals, make sure you do your research like you would any financial investment and ensure you get the best return on it.


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