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Your food choices impact your entire life!

What’s for dinner? No, seriously! What’s for dinner?

When choosing a meal, what do you typically resort to? Pizza, tacos, pasta, fried foods?

Your food choices and habits might just be impacting the entire way you live your life. From tiredness and stress to all-around wellness. I’m here not to force you to change, but to make you more aware of your daily lifestyle choices. It’s as easy as switching from soda to water, or fried to grilled.

I’ve listed 5 things you can change today.
  1. Sugary Drinks -> Flavored Water 
  2. Fried -> Grilled
  3. After Dinner Nap -> After Dinner Walk
  4. Social Media Scrolling -> Read a couple pages of a book
  5. Complaining about work -> Being grateful for the day

These five things can help you achieve daily wellness habits. Switching up your sugary drinks to water or flavored sparkling water can help you save hundreds of calories a day. The recommended daily intake for sugar is around 40 grams of sugar. I am not talking about donuts or cookies. It also includes sugar from fruit.

To help track my sugar intake I use apps like My Fitness Pal!

When you eat too much sugar it affects your entire body and how it functions. Too much sugar can lead to kidney damage, overwork your pancreas, inflamed arteries, fatty liver, premature skin aging, inflammation to joints, interferes with blood flow to the reproductive system (i.e affects erections) and last but not least it can rot your teeth (your parents were right.)

When eating fried foods versus eating grilled, you are ingesting oxidized oils which spikes inflammation in your body, slows down your blood flow and can create heart disease as well as aging your organs and skin! What I mean by that…is wrinkles! Use an air fryer or bake your foods! Try switching to animal fats to cook your food, even olive oil can damage your blood flow when cooked above 160 degrees fahrenheit. Olive oil is a GREAT way to get healthy fats, focus on using it as a dressing or dip instead of cooking with it!

Deciding on an after dinner walk instead of sitting on the couch watching the latest reality show can help you digest your food. Taking a walk around the neighborhood gets your digestive system flowing and can help break down foods so you can…I know…have a proper bowel movement. Taking a walk after you eat can reduce blood sugar and insulin levels. If making it outside to get a walk is difficult for you, or if weather doesn’t allow it, try cleaning your kitchen or walking up and down the stairs. Movement is what matters! 

My favorite way to be more mindful during the day is to add a couple minutes of reading time. This helps me clear my head and lowers the amount of headaches I get (due to screen time on my phone.)

Most people don’t realize how being negative can affect your wellbeing. Every time you say something negative you are sending a negative energy to your body, making your muscles tense up, your digestive system slows down and your mind becomes foggy. It has proven that gratitude can reduce heart inflammation, lower blood pressure and decrease anxiety and depression.

If you take 30 seconds to think about what you are grateful for, and even write it down, your life slowly changes, and your positive energy starts to radiate into your physical being! If you find this difficult to do, focus on the people in your life such as who are you grateful for and why. I know it sounds cheesy, but I dare you to try it. 

I am very passionate about helping others change food choices and find healthy habits that fit their lifestyle. Change how you view the world, how you move around the day and find healthier choices in your life. Email me at [email protected] and I can help you get started on your wellness journey with a complimentary wellness consultation! 

And don’t forget to Bee In Motion, mind body heart and soul!

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