Nutrition You Have To Make Healthy Changes

Wouldn’t it be nice if we could get healthy and stay fit without making any changes? It’s hard to hear that you are not making enough healthy choices, and it can be hard to change your habits that you have created over a few years.

The truth is, if you are wanting to get healthy you MUST make changes.

You Have To Make Healthy Changes

The American diet is unhealthy

We are used to quick and easy foods, we can go anywhere are find food, and yes it does taste good. But that doesn’t mean it is good for you. Fast food is full of processed, fake food, that is generated to make you think it tastes good, and actually wire your brain to crave more. But the unhealthy food that we are drowning in actually are a leading cause in the majority of the diseases we face as Americans. By changing food choices to healthier foods, you are changing your life for the better, and preventing disease!

Hard choices and excuses

That being said, I face the same hard choices between a healthy meal made at home or that quick drive thru burger. I also hear it from my clients. I know it isn’t easy but if you truly want to be healthier you must change your behavior even slightly.

When I hand out a program, I have clients tell me:

  • I don’t eat veggies
  • It’s harder for me because I have kids
  • You don’t understand because you are a competitor
  • I am too busy and don’t have time to cook healthy meals
  • It’s too expensive to eat healthy

The healthy diet

Because I get these excuses all the time, I decided to make a very frank and honest post. If you have decided to purchase a program from me it is because you know you need to make changes, right? Even if you are asking questions and looking for some guidance, you want to change something, right? And I know you don’t eat veggies… that’s the change you are asking for (and does anyone truly enjoy eating veggies?).

And if veggies and healthier meals are good for you, why wouldn’t you feed the same things to your children and husband? Set the example and make a change for the family. If you know you shouldn’t be eating chicken nuggets because they are overly processed and full of sugar and chemicals, why would you allow your children to eat these are essentially set them up for failure as an adult because they now have cravings for fake processed food? It’s tough, but changing habits as a family will not add more difficulty. You won’t feel like you’re left out while everyone else enjoys the foods you used to eat. Create new habits as a family!

There are quick solutions to time crunched individuals looking to stay on track. Yes, I am a competitor. But think about the amount of time this takes for me. Last year, I worked ┬áhours a week (minimum), trained for 2-3 hours everyday, cooked five meals every day, and spent time with my family (little time, but still some time). Now, I am not saying this was healthy, it definitely wasn’t and it was hard. But just to give you perspective about what you can accomplish, and that you can make it happen if you really set your mind to it. It might mean you wake up 30 minutes early, or you combine homework while cooking a few extra meals.

And finally, I understand at first glimpse healthier foods can seem expensive. You buy more initially while at the store. But think about the meals you save money on because you are bringing lunch to work. You are not purchasing meals every day at a restaurant and are eating more balanced, less processed food. In the long run you will save money!

I stated I wanted to make a very honest post, now it is your turn to be honest with yourself. What is holding you back, and is this just an excuse? Change is hard, but change is good. Yes, if you are wanting to have a healthier life, if you are wanting to lose weight, you MUST make changes. But the reward you reward you will receive is much greater than the slight inconvenience you may feel for a short time. Food can be your cure!

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