Nutrition Low Carb High Fat Grocery Guide

Low carb high fat diet means consuming foods very low in carbohydrates, moderate in protein and high in healthy fats. Going low carbohydrates differs from going ketogenic. While low carb can vary from one person to another, regarding age, insulin sensitivity… keto means a really low carb intake, about 5% of daily caloric intake or not more than 20 gr.

Low Carb High Fat Grocery Guide

Numerous studies show significant improvement in weight loss and overall health markers with people following low carb diets.

Low carb lifestyle has a critical role in decreased stimulation of insulin secretion. This leads to reduced inflammation in our bodies which is of the greatest importance in preventing the leading diseases of the modern world (heart disease, cancer, Alzheimer’s, diabetes).

Some of the Very Low Carb Plant Based Foods

Listed are the net carbs per 3 1/2 ounces or 100 grams. Fibers, which don’t affect blood sugar (human body can’t digest them and break them down for energy) are not counted.

  • Spinach – 1gr
  • Avocado – 2gr
  • Asparagus – 2gr
  • Zucchini – 3gr
  • Radishes – 3gr
  • Cabbage – 3gr
  • Cauliflower – 4gr
  • Broccoli – 4gr
  • Kale – 4gr
  • Brussels sprouts – 5gr

Other good sources of low carb foods: collard greens, romaine lettuce, arugula, celery, mushrooms, olives, squashes.


Some berries are beneficial while on low carb diets, rich in antioxidants and fibers.

  1. Raspberries – 5gr
  2. Blackberries – 5gr
  3. Strawberries -6gr
  4. Blueberries -12gr


Nuts are low carb high fat (keto) friendly, too. Next to their low carb content they are full of fat, which means they are highly nutritious. Have them once in a while, as a small snack.

  1. Brazil nuts -4gr
  2. Pecans -4gr
  3. Macadamia -5gr
  4. Walnuts -7gr
  5. Hazelnuts -7gr

Other nuts with a higher carb content: almond, pine, pistachio, cashews.


Most calories on low carb high fat diets come from fat. Adding extra oil on our plate is always a good idea.

  1. MCT oil
  2. Coconut oil
  3. Avocado oil
  4. Olive oil
  5. Butter
  6. Lard 

We encourage use of saturated fat, despite everything you’ve read against them so far.

Meat and Dairy

Protein intake has the main role in maintaining muscle mass. Meats and dairy are the main sources of protein, and on LCHF diet we keep them moderate (15-20% of our daily caloric intake).

  1. Meat – any kind
  2. Fish – any kind
  3. Eggs

Find a farmer you can trust and add to your list delicious sausages.

Dairy is also LCHF (keto) friendly, and they might have carb content, so make sure you double-check the label, even using some of the proven caloric calculators is not a bad idea.

  1. Hard cheese is high in fat and no carb product
  2. Cream cheese (Philadelphia) ~6gr
  3. Feta cheese ~3gr
  4. Mozzarella ~3gr
  5. Sour cream ~4gr
  6. Heavy cream ~3gr

Numbers of dairy carb content listed above can vary depending on the producer. Dairy could be a good snack, but it could make us overeat on them – self-control is very important part of low carb diets.

Additional Products

Here are some additional products we believe can help us sustain our low carb diet

  1. Cocoa powder ~54gr
  2. Dark chocolate (>85%) ~15gr
  3. Coffee
  4. Tea

Amounts of carbs on low carb diets can vary from:

  • <20 grams which is considered ketogenic (<5% total daily caloric intake)
  • <50 grams which is moderate low carb diet
  • >50 grams- This approach is familiar to endurance athletes. Consuming higher amounts of carbs during high intensity workouts or prolonged activities doesn’t affect fat adaptation, while significantly improves their performance.

10 Very Special Low Carb and Keto Friendly Foods and Recommended Supplements

1. MCT Oil

Medium Chain Triglycerides – are fatty acids found in coconut oils, easily converted by the liver into energy, used by the brain in form of ketones. It has a critical role in maintaining ketosis and keeping the blood sugar under control. 2-3 tablespoons daily will be the perfect dosage.

2. Coconut Oil

It is a fast and clean source of energy. It is nature’s highest medium chain fatty acid source which keeps our blood sugar low and stable. We can find them easily in almost any food store. Coconut oil is recommended as a perfect ingredient in homemade keto mayonnaise.

 3. Butter

Even though it is made of milk, butter is low in lactose. Knowing that saturated fats are no longer our enemy, we can enjoy butter with each one of our meals. Tasty and creamy, added over meat or vegetables with the necessary sea salt – butter will make our low carb meals irresistible. Added to our morning coffee, it is a way to go for the healthiest kick off to a day.

4. Heavy Cream

Doesn’t have to be listed as one of the most popular products. But, for those who are prone to their morning cappuccino, heavy cream is of the highest value. Its low carb-high fat content will be your friend along the keto journey.

5. Eggs

Myths are finally busted! We are officially ‘allowed’ to eat whole eggs. Anyway, some of us have never been wasting the most nutritious parts of the eggs- yolks. Eggs are inexpensive and amazingly healthy, rich in healthy fats and proteins, eggs prepared together with spinach are the most popular breakfast for almost all of the athletes.

6. Sausages

Meat is already known as LCHF necessity. All kind. Sausages are our perfect choice of diversity on our plate. Double-check the label while you are at the store- there could be some tricks with potato-starch and corn-starch ingredients. If you are lucky and have your farmer of trust, don’t hesitate to enjoy the best animal source of protein and fat.

7. Avocados

Definitely highest ranked LCHF plant based food. It is a source of about 20 vitamins and minerals, omega 3 acid, lot of fibers and just 2 grams of NET carbs. Its high fat content is a reminder not to overeat. But, if you want to treat yourself with the keto ice-cream, you will easily find numerous recipes based on our favourite plant!

8. Spinach

Whether we want to make a salad, soup or a smoothie, or to serve it as a main dish spinach can do it all. It is rich in vitamins K and A. It provides us with folate, a form of vitamin B9 which plays a big role in cell growth. Spinach is one of the most popular leafy green veggie, and lowest in carb content.

9. Dark Chocolate (>85% cocoa)

Ok, sometimes we must cheat on our diet. When we do it-why don’t we do it in a good way. If you are new to the low carb journey and carb crave is driving you crazy-this is the way to go. It might be bitter at the beginning, but soon, it will become amazingly sweet. Consuming very dark chocolates releases serotonin and endorphins in the brain, neurotransmitters known as-mood lifters.

10. Supplements

Low Carb High Fat diet is not a perfect diet neither is any other. To avoid possible problems supplementing insufficient elements will help us complete the puzzle.

Sodium, Potassium, Magnesium

Make sure you are not deficient in these minerals. Use more salt while on Low Carb High Fat diet.

But, if you crave a lot, if your muscle cramp-increase your sodium intake. Our daily dosage is 2-4grams.

Increased fatigue level means very likely potassium deficiency. 2-3 grams is the daily dosage. But if you are in sports physically more challenging than chess-please, take more.

On Low Carb High Fat diet or not, supplementing magnesium is a must. It helps reduce inflammation, helps with depression and its dosage is at least 400 milligrams per day.

Omega 3

If the fish is rarely in you meal plan make sure to add omega-3 pills to your every day routine.

Prebiotic Fiber or Probiotic

As mentioned above, fibers have no caloric value so don’t be afraid to have meals rich in leafy green vegetables. If you do so – you will avoid using these supplements.

Try out a Low Carb High Fat Diet!

LCHF diet is a very effective tool for losing weight, but has many other significant health benefits. Living in the era of chronic metabolic diseases is a defeating statement, and for some people low carb or ketogenic diet is the only way to go. Even if you are blessed, and perfectly insulin sensitive, low carb lifestyle is the best way to longevity and and a healthy life span.

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