Nikola Miljkovic

Aliso Viejo, United States

Nikola Miljkovic

Aliso Viejo, United States

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All You Need to Know about Fasting

16 Oct 2018

Fasting is the period of time when we don`t eat and it is equally as important as the feeding time. Balance between the two is essential for a healthy life span. There are different approaches regarding the eating window Everything shorter than 48 hours is considered a short fast. The easiest way to have a […]

Low Carb High Fat Grocery Guide

8 Aug 2018

Low carb high fat diet means consuming foods very low in carbohydrates, moderate in protein and high in healthy fats. Going low carbohydrates differs from going ketogenic. While low carb can vary from one person to another, regarding age, insulin sensitivity… keto means a really low carb intake, about 5% of daily caloric intake or […]

Insulin and Weight Loss: Implementing Low Carb High Fat Diet

7 Aug 2018

Follow these 5 steps to a healthy new lifestyle and decrease your insulin resistance!  The goal is only one thing, on which client and his coach have to agree. If that goal is weight loss, have you ever thought – nice, this will be an easy one. Eat less-exercise more approach and a quick switch to […]

Depression Therapy: Running from Darkness into Light

26 Jul 2018

Depression is not a choice. It is a medical condition you can treat! We all have those days of sadness when we feel low after having a stressful day, an argument, being cold in the office, or for no reason at all. Those days when we fell depressed just come and go. I know. I’ve […]

Marathon Gone Wrong: Lost on a Mountain Trail

13 Jul 2018

I would have given up if only there were markings pointing to the ’the give up track’. But instead, the coloured hearts were everywhere around which meant I was on the right track, and I had no choice but to keep running this marathon. It was an unofficial marathon trail race on the Fruska Gora […]

Ketogenic Diet and the Journey to the New Me

13 Jul 2018

I couldn’t handle the control that carbs were having on my life any longer. Coca-cola, chocolates, breads were my everyday desire. Luckily, my active lifestyle helped me avoid obesity; however, insulin resistance did develop. I was pretty desperate when I decided to try a ketogenic diet. I wanted to weigh less in order to be […]