Lifestyle If You Want to Lose Weight, Start by Changing Your Shirt

How to successfully lose weight

If You Want to Lose Weight, Start by Changing Your Shirt

My client inspired me to write this

Since January 1st she has lost 45 lbs (a time frame of just under 7 months). She did this by watching what she eats (nothing overly restrictive, she still enjoys her rollos frequently), training with me twice a week, and walking on her own on her days off from me.

Here’s how she did it

She stopped complicating weight loss, she focused on what she could do each day to make it happen.

See, the truth is you’re way too focused on the end goal and to be honest your way too far away from it to keep you happily motivated to keep working towards it.

You need to look at what’s right in front of you. What is the ONE decision you can make to get you closer to that goal RIGHT NOW. Start small.

If You Want to Lose Weight, Start by Changing Your Shirt

Don’t sign up for a triathlon just yet, but how about changing your outfit? You get home from work, you know you should work out but that seems way too difficult right now because your boss was a real ass today. How about setting your focus on changing your work shirt to your workout shirt, change from your dress pants to your shorts or leggings, alright high heels and leggings may look flattering but how about something a little more practical? Put on your sneakers, now don’t you feel a little more ready to exercise?

Maybe that hour long workout is still a bit intimidating to you yeah? Let’s just take a walk then. Better yet, let’s focus solely on walking out the door and closing it behind us. NOW, while we’re out here might as well walk down the drive way, to the end of the block, well that stop sign isn’t so far away is it? Now let’s circle on back home.

Mission accomplished, you made time to exercise today and you are well on your way towards your goal. But wait there’s more…

You just created momentum!!! You accomplished a challenge! Now you feel confident, maybe even a little more motivated! Now how about you decide to walk an extra block? I have a better idea! How about…cue the drum roll…you finally take that step into the gym! Just for 2 exercises this time though!!! Then after that, maybe 4 exercises won’t be so tough will it? NOW LETS GO FOR A FULL WORKOUT! That my friends, is how you will enable yourself to accomplish any ambitious goal that you set your sights on.

What I’m trying to say is that I’m proud of you for setting such an ambitious goal but, truth is you should be focused on accomplishing the daily behaviors that will get you there, not the goal itself.

Because, that goal may actually work against you, it’s a long ways away and at times it can be discouraging to think about the work it’ll take to get there. Focus on taking baby steps and you will crush it in no time!! Don’t forget to change your shirt today 😉

“A journey of a thousand miles begins with one step” – Lao Tzu

Hope this Helps! 💪🏽🔥💪🏽🔥

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