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life force water

Water is life force!

Our Life Force – Water

Mahatma Gandhi, one of the most well-known people in history, did 17 fasts in his career fighting for India’s freedom.

For 17 days he didn’t consume any food. He did consume natural fruit juices and had a pretty crazy routine of sleep body care and daily tasks to keep his discipline. He knew his body would still be able to function as long as his primary Life Force was replenished. 

Now while there are many debates and opinions about the actual facts and undertaking around what he actually did and consumed and how it affected his body there is one thing that is certain. If he didn’t stay hydrated he would have died. Hydration is the key to life, Hydration is the deciding factor of how your body will function. 

Water is the King of all Hydration here on earth!

life force water

I can’t speak for other planets but where I come from if you are putting it in your mouth to consume it 9/10 water is a part of the ingredients. Your water intake is dependent on your age, size, and physical activity level. A good rule of thumb is the bigger and/or more active you are the more water you need.

Our muscles are made up of 79% water, we need it for everything. 

This is the first hurdle I tackle with all my clients. Before we talk about anything, before you see, before you leave the house you need to replenish your life force. Your body will not function at peak performance if it doesn’t have the right resources. Seeing how our bodies are 50%-65% water already we can’t afford to keep it replenished. Urine color is the easiest way to determine dehydration levels.

The darker the urine the more dehydrated you are.

If your urine is completely clear then you are in the overhydration area. Extended periods of dehydration can lead to bloating in the belly.

Water intake will vary for everyone.

The bigger and/or athletic you are, the more you need to consume. 

Some examples could be a less active 35-year-old male (meaning he only occasionally works out and sit at a desk for 90% of his work) would not need as much water as a very active 35-year-old male (meaning he works out 3-5 times a week and has a job that requires constant moving). While some may only need about a gallon a day to stay hydrated, others may need about 1.5-2 gallons to stay properly hydrated. 

Without proper nutrition, your body may not be able to perform the tasks you want it to.

If you are someone who can curl 20 lb dumbbells and you have been able to get 10 or more reps every time you go to curl, once you slow down water consumption you may not be able to get those 10 reps in. 

Water also kick-starts your body in the morning and gets your organs lubricated and going to start your day. You want to keep your kidneys as healthy and functional as possible to be able to balance fluids and solute your body.

To put it simply:

Stay hydrated and replenish your Life Force!

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