Exercise How to Start Your Fitness Journey

How to Start Your Fitness Journey

The beginning is the scariest part of a fitness journey, especially if you are unsure of how to get started. 

If your really looking to make a serious lifestyle change, but are stuck in an endless loop of information, keep reading, these are a few tips that can help you finally break free and get your journey started. 

Tip 1: Commit to yourself

Only you know if you are ready or serious about a lifestyle change. If you are not 100% committed to the journey and all that comes with it, you will not reach your goals. You’ve got to have a talk with yourself, and tell yourself no matter what, no matter how hard things get, or how many excuses you have you won’t give up and you will succeed! 

Tip 2: Start small 

“I am ready, let’s do this, I am gonna work out 2 hours a day, at least 5 days a week, plus no carbs, no dairy, I am gonna give up pop that I’ve been drinking every day for 10 years, oh and zero sugar!” Does this sound like you? Ah, how overwhelming! Trying to change too much at once can cause stress and cause you to quit before you’ve even really started. 

Progress is the key to success, it is better to start small then go full force and burn out after 2 weeks. 

Tip 3: Pick a fitness plan you will stick with

The best workout is the one you will actually do. Would you rather clean the toilets or would you rather spend the day doing something you love? I am sure most of you picked the latter. Exercise is the same way. If you absolutely hate the workouts, you are less likely to stick to the program. Make sure you are communicating with your trainer and trying new workouts to find the one you enjoy the most. 

Tip 4: Practice patience 

It’s going to take time. We don’t become overweight, unhealthy, or out of shape overnight. It’s taken years to get to the place where you are now, so you can’t expect to get results overnight either. It takes time, consistency and patience. 

Is it possible to lose weight quickly? Of course, however with a show of hands how many of us have done that? Probably a lot, and where did we end up? Gaining the weight back? Maybe we’ve gained more? It happens all too often. It’s better to lose weight slowly and consistently. We are more likely to keep it off that way. 

Tip 5: Build support

Support is so important, one of the reasons people tend to give up on a fitness journey is lack of support. There are so many places to find a support system, it could be a best friend, a co-worker, a mom you talk with at the park, anyone who can help support, motivate and encourage you. 

Tip 6: Get a coach/trainer

It can take a while to finally decide you want to change your lifestyle when you finally do you can become overwhelmed with all the information out there. The best way to help filter through all the information is to talk with a fitness professional. This can help prevent injury and ensure the best results. If your concerned that it’s too expensive it doesn’t have to be. You can hire someone for a few sessions, where you are shown how to use the equipment and can have a beginner program customized to you. That way you have a good starting point. Another option to help with cost is to try a class that is offered at your gym, this also helps you build a support system so win/win. 

There you have it 6 tips to start your fitness journey off on the right foot! Patience is ultimately the key, so be kind to yourself. Be fluid, if you don’t like what your doing, change it, but trust the process. You got this! 

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