Trainers 4 Reasons Why an Online Fitness Trainer May Be Exactly What You’re Looking for

4 Reasons Why an Online Fitness Trainer May Be Exactly What You are Looking for

In today’s day an age, everything is going digital, from grocery shopping to paying bills and everything in between. If it can’t be found online, I’d be surprised! What didn’t surprise me was the fact that now even personal training is making its mark on the digital world. It’s an amazing alternative to in-person training, it’s more flexible, less expensive, and more versatile. Where before you would have to make an appointment, pay a butt load of money, and have little to no contact outside that session with your trainer, leaving questions unanswered and still feeling a bit lost. 

With online training we’ve filled in a lot of those gaps and here are four reasons why you should consider an online trainer! 

Reason 1: Convenient and Flexible 

No more appointments to keep. No more working around someone else’s schedule. Also, no more missing workouts because you’re on a vacation or business trip.

With online training, you always have your trainer with you. All sessions conducted are via Skype, email and social media apps. 

So, if you travel, are a busy parent, or maybe you’re a night owl, online personal training would be a great option for you! 

Reason 2: No more micromanaging

Let’s face it, if you’ve ever been in a one on one personal training session, it can sometimes be a bit awkward. The trainer hovering over you, leaving you feeling a bit intimidated.

With online training, you get a bit more breathing room. All your interactions are digital, your trainer will send you exercise videos showing proper form and technique and that lets you focus on pushing yourself through that last rep rather than feeling like your trainer is judging your every movement. 

Reason 3: No more wandering around trying to figure out what to do

Before you could only do in-person training, you had to set appointments, spend tons of money and then hope you could actually show up or if you couldn’t show up would you be able to use that session later on? Or what if you got yourself all the way to the gym and then your trainer didn’t show?

How about those days that you weren’t working with a trainer, you then have to:

1. remember what the heck you guys did and

2. remember how you did it. 

With online training that isn’t a problem anymore. We’ve eliminated those and taken training to a whole other level. You always know what to do when you get to the gym, you always have your personal trainer right at your fingertips whether you go from 4 am to 10 pm! Plus, if you don’t have access to a gym, your trainer can customize your plan to fit the equipment you do have access to if any. 

So, whatever your goal is you can still reach it without all the baggage that can come along with in-person training. 

Reason 4: Take the guesswork out, your trainer is always there

With online training, you have more direct access to your trainer. Since all communication is via email, messaging or Skype, you are able to communicate with your trainer in a more timely manner instead of having to wait till your next session which could be a week or two away. 

Many trainers are very accessible through text or email. They answer the same day most of the time, therefor you are not stuck sitting around waiting on a reply. 

Another bonus of online training is meeting other clients who are also working with your trainer and building a community via social media, they are also a good source of support for questions and or motivation when you’re needing it!

Sign up with an online trainer today! 

Don’t let another Monday go by without starting your fitness journey. 

Online training is an affordable, fun and totally effective way to reach your goals and work towards the healthiest version of yourself. 

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