Lifestyle How to Manage a Fitness Cycle

How to Manage a Fitness Cycle

How to Manage a Fitness Cycle

What’s Your Light?

With anything, there is a start and an end. In life, it’s life then death that’s the blunt truth. It’s no surprise. You have to be willing to accept it. We have a certain amount of time to do the things we want until our time is up. It ranges from a happy family, white picket fence, brand new car, financial wealth, or a fitness goal. Technically, these are all goals depending on how you look at it. We have to strive to attain “greatness” in our life. Sometimes we may even have to suffer. But where it is hurt, glory usually finds a way. Unfortunately, hurt slowly comes your way once again. It’s a vicious cycle of happiness and unhappiness. It will continue.

If you have ever embarked on a fitness journey, I’m sure you have a fell witness to this cycle. Trying to overcome all the time. Life usually gets in the way. So, the question you ask is how can we get over the hump in a fitness cycle? The more you fail, the more likely you will quit. If failure is the result, there is no point. I can tell you right now, failure is mandatory. It’s how you respond to failure. Whatever scenario you’re in. You’re most likely starting over…again.

Persistence of a system

You have to be willing to put the work in. Now, willpower is in short supply. Again, I’m sure you have experienced this a plethora of occasions. The grand solution is to create a system that enables you to continue regardless of what life throws your way. For example, when you go to bed and you haven’t brushed your teeth. Lying in your bed, you contemplate whether to do so or not. It could take you seconds, or minutes, to come to a final decision. It’s most likely you decided to get up and brush your teeth. Why? Well, you’re an adult I don’t think you need to be reminded. The system to avoid many fillings, bad breath, and discolored teeth is brushing your teeth a minimum two times a day. Translating this to a fitness choice. You have to build the habit (system). You want this athletic body. Then you have to treat it like never wanting bad breath.

Start small

Even if you have been on a fitness journey before, create a workout routine that is easily attainable. Do this every day until you begin to see progress within the actions of your exercises. Pay attention to how your body is responding. Don’t worry about when your next rest day is, or what nutrition plan to follow. Though, they are important. It is also beyond your scope for the time being. The worst thing you can do is clog your mind with more crap to concentrate on. Unhealthy eating habits, from my experience, are harder to change. So, focus on exercises. There’s less pleasure in squats than eating a cookie.

Lastly, accountability

You need accountability. You are already aware health and fitness is a crucial part of sustaining your time on this planet. But, sometimes this isn’t enough. Your selfish needs/wants, don’t come close when you have accountability. Figure out what will keep you coming back to endure sweat and pain. This could be working with a personal trainer or coach. You may even take it upon yourself to become a fitness expert by taking classes. These are tools that can be utilized to keep you on track. It’s not a forever thing. At the end of the day, you want to be leading your own life.


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