Exercise How to Hold Your Clients Accountable

How to Hold Your Clients Accountable

How to Hold Your Clients Accountable

“Accountability” is definitely the buzz word of 2020 in the health and fitness realm. There have been a lot of changes this year which have affected people’s normal fitness routines. It is during challenging times where it can be increasingly difficult to stay committed and accountable.

One of the biggest reasons people hire personal trainers is to help keep them accountable. It is a relationship that works best when both parties are engaged in the “accountability” process. And also, they need to work hard to pave the way for success.

As a trainer, sometimes assumptions can be made. For instance, you have created the ultimate training program and if your client follows exactly what you’ve prescribed they will most definitely reach the goals you have set out together. You have an appointment to see them next week and in the meantime, you trust that your client is staying positive, motivated, and following your daily training expectations. But what if they are actually feeling a little lost, unmotivated and have been living in the pantry for the past three days.

There is a difference between being a cheerleader and being a coach. Clients need more than you to cheer them on and help them push through a few more reps. They need direction, education and ongoing support.

So what are some ways as a trainer you can up your game and ensure you are doing your part of the accountability partnership?

Tips for Holding Your Clients Accountable

  1. Create daily or regular reminders to connect and check in on your client to ensure they are staying on track. This shows you care and are invested in them.
  2. On one of your check-ins, ask them what their WHY is for making changes to their lifestyle. Sometimes a little reminder can go a long way to boost their motivation. And If you don’t know, ask. Get to know your client, find out what fuels them, what they value. It will give you great insight into what fires them up and ultimately affect their progress.
  3. Start a monthly progress report that gives you the opportunity to give feedback, praise, or to call them on their crap! It can be a great accountability tool for you as your clients know there will be regular progress discussions.
  4. Have them share their successes, big or small, and with their permission, post it on your social media as a client spotlight. Celebrate them!

We all want to see our clients achieve their goals, their joy is the ultimate reward. So stay connected and be the best accountability coach you can be!

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