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How to Make Your Plan Works

In the book, The power of habit the author Charles Duhigg writes a fundamental work about building habit and make it last. In one of the mentioned researches 92% out of 266 individuals, most of whom train three times per week said that they train because it made them “feel good”.

Did you ever wonder what makes you want to train? What helps you being consistent? The truth is that it is not the target that keeps your new fitness personality alive, but the “feeling good” sense you get once you’re done with your workout.

I don’t want to sound too zen or spiritual, that’s why I’ll go straight to one checklist that could save or ruin your dreamed beach body.

You need a plan

Whatever you’re doing you need a plan to achieve your goals. Otherwise, it’s a fortune to reach anywhere. You could have a plan for work, plan for a vacation, you could plan a refreshing repair or something simple as weekend activities but you don’t make your plan for your body transformation. How is it possible?!

The goal will do nothing by itself. Most probably it could even overwhelm you. But I don’t say to decrease the goal. Nope, you should increase the efforts. All it takes is consistent and well-planned efforts.

“If you fail to prepare, you’re prepared to fail”

These immortal words of the Nine-time Olympic champion Mark Spitz couldn’t be more relevant to any of us in almost every beginning.


Even when I’m writing you these words I have an intention to do something – to grab your hand through several paragraphs and lead you to the next level, new knowledge, different angle, and point of view. Hey buddy, it’s a plan – it takes time and your focus. Same with your workouts – yes, you have to lose these 15-20 pounds, but you have to take steps and watch out while you walk.

  • You’ll need a nutrition plan (here you’ve got a plan into the plan)
  • The workout plan is must to
  • Free up time for activities that you’ve chosen
  • Go buy the clothes or equipment you need to
  • Need to have a daily routine (you’ll see why in the next chapter)
  • Have to arrange workout with a PT, friend or a class
  • etc.

It’s like that step by step by step and here you are dancing in your new body shape half a year later. But you are there because you’ve got a plan or someone makes it for you.

And a fat loss of 10kg in 2 months is not a plan, and if you separate it in 5kg a month it’s still not a plan.

Brief examples of my everyday life:

  • For my Marathon in October
  1. Run twice a week 8 to 10km
  2. Run long distance 20+km once every two weeks
  3. Do one stationary cardio 40min non-aerobic – bicycle, ecliptic
  • For my website:
  1. Write and research at least 3 hours a day (Sunday, Monday)
  2. Work on SEO of the website for 2 hours (Tuesday)
  3. Work on its functionality 3-4 hours (Wednesday)
  • For business and personal learning
  1. Create programs and evaluate the progress of them bimonthly by different types of mini-tests in a workout mode and physical fitness tests
  2. Learning English twice a week for 2 hours (Tuesday and Thursday)
  3. Reading Books as long as I can, but sadly less than 3 hours (Sunday or Saturday)

You should realize the problem

Never mind if it’s 5 or 50 pounds it’s up to you to let it go. It could be an injury or stress, weakness, or lack of mobility. There is a solution, but first of all, you’ve got a problem or normal needs.

I mean not only the visual side but what stays behind the scenes. It will probably sound annoying especially to the ones under 30 but health problems related to inactivity, obesity, sedentary working do exist and are just behind the corner.

Working experience:

A few years ago, a man came to me to ask for my help. He has the idea to burn some fats, reduce the belly, and strengthen the arms (men don’t train legs, never by their own will but it’s another topic). After he filled up my questioner, I’ve asked him to visit a doctor for a routine checkup and a Complete blood count. By receiving the results, he realized that the main problem wasn’t his belly – most indicators were also poor at the limit of reference values. Anyway, not that bad, because the doctor has claimed his as clinically healthy and we were ready to go. It takes 2 years, lots of sweat, and a strict nutrition plan to lead him to “perfect blood count and “Are you an athlete?” comes from the mouth of a girl training with us.

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Your surroundings don’t leave you to stay accountable.

Before I write even a word here, I want to say that I’m far away from neglect the importance of your friends, mate, heart soul, etc. or avoid meeting them. The opposite I think we need them and it’s important to us as social creatures – never mind how introverted you are.

I’ll tell you a story now.

When I met my wife and our relation was new, I told her: Listen, I do like you very much but before everything gets more serious, I prefer to tell you a few things about me and my schedule. I’m working over 11-12 hours a day, I work until late, and very often during the weekends, Christmas, Easter and my yearly holiday are about 7-8 days. Still, I like to train because this is my way to chill out. Are you with me? Hopefully, she was busy enough with studying, building up her website, helping her father with some visualization of his business… The rest is history, it has been close to 5 years since that day, we have our baby boy. I’m not less busy, she neither but life goes on and the ones who want to be a part of your life will remain.

I’m just saying that if they do care about your willingness to live healthier, have a better vision, or just throw some negativity away (because it happens in the gym) they’ll do respect it as they respect you. And hey guess what? Maybe they also have their plan and tasks in their heads to get stuck to.

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