Exercise How to Be Athletic – Pros of Strength Training

How to Be Athletic - Pros of Strength Training

How to Be Athletic – Pros of Strength Training

When you hear “Strength training” you imagine someone who is exceptionally dedicated to their workout and nutrition plan. Or maybe you imagine a person who deals actively with sports. Yes, that is the case indeed.

How to Be Athletic - Pros of Strength Training

Strength over a weight training – a level up story of success

Strength training is a specific type of workout which could encounter training with weights but not only. Yes, it is the “secret weapon” of many athletes but don’t you think it could be yours as well? If you asked me – absolutely!

The truth is that athletes often include weights in the training to improve specific skills (like strength), which would give them an advantage. They also use strength training to prevent injuries or recover after one. Sports such as athletics, swimming, volleyball, or contact sports like basketball, football, martial arts put weight training 365 days a year in their conditioning plans.

Exercises with bodyweight such as lunges, pull-ups, and push-ups, as well as different kinds of workouts including rowing, climbing, throwing of a medicine ball, or jumps can be a part of a unified program for strength improvement. You may also use battle ropes, “Slade” or jump box if you believe they lead you to your goals.

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Strength workout aiming to challenge your body to its limits

Strength workout aiming to challenge your body to its limits after which to adapt to the physical challenge that is applied. Most of all the athletes aiming to reach their peak performance in certain competitions. This process should be always perfectly organized in strength training plans and guided by professionals. The exact increase in resistance in every stage of the season and each different workout is needed to accomplish a predefined curve of progress.

To achieve any goal it is necessary to follow this kind of structured training plan.

And the plan should be created by a professional – conditioning coach who is well informed with many specific details related to the competitor.

Coach qualification about the process of strength training helps you being guided toward a relevant training plan. It includes the right exercises for you, using the exact amount of weights, implementing the relevant adaptations in time, and thus avoiding plateaus in your training. He or she should hold a certificate for Strength and Conditioning Coach (and I don’t mean a two-day or a two-week course) or a higher degree such as an M.Sc. or even a Ph. D. in Sports Science or Medicine.

Training for increasing muscles is also about relevant nutrition. This is the main pillar in the process of muscle hypertrophy, that is increased muscle growth.  Muscle growth and strength increase have some basic principles to look after.

Such as Daily calorie count, The proportion of macronutrients, Protein quantity, Pre & Post workout feeding, Supplementation.

Mighty Benefits of Strength Training

These workouts are focused on body composition progress and changing the ratio between muscles and body fat in favor of your muscles. If you track calories burned be prepared that such a workout is not a game-changer on your charts. It is a long-term destroyer of your fat storage.

It’s like a recurring play with your adaptation abilities that makes you stronger workout after workout.

In the end… I’m kidding – there is not such a thing in your strength training plan.

A side of your perfect body and power of will earned along the way you’ll get some pretty nice bonuses:

  • A bouquet of happiness hormones – the almost instantaneous feeling of change, which is the result of muscles “draining”
  • Stronger back muscles – prevent you from the trap of feeling old
  • Improves bone density – weight training is probably not the key to turning 100 years of age, but it is definitely one of the methods that can make your remaining years fuller.

So you are willing to find the superhuman inside you?

Pay attention when you up to:

  • Looking for a coach – There is no more certain a way not to get the maximum of yourself, while at the same time risk your health with but with “self-made” training.
  • Choosing equipment – Weights workouts are not ones you may do anywhere and anytime, regardless of what equipment you have. You’ll need machines, or weights, or at least any  resistance like bands

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  • Rate your efforts – The rate of burning calories is not so great, as compared to intensive aerobic activities or HIIT workoutSo if you are planning to “neutralize” the chocolates you ate at a colleague’s’ birthday party, you won’t make it! Look at the mirror, not the scales.

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