Nutrition Grass-Fed Whey, Beneficial or Hype?

Let’s take a look at what whey is

It is a protein derived from milk, which is derived from cows and it makes up 20% of milk protein while the 80% is made up of casein.
Okay, we’ve all heard of grass-fed beef, yogurt from grass-fed cows, grass-fed butter, etc. These all have nutritional benefits because of the direct use of the milk from these grass-fed cows. That is the whole point of going grass-fed with these types of foods.

Grass-Fed Whey, Beneficial or hype?

Now let’s take a look at whey protein powders

The whole processing of the protein just to get whey is a contradiction to what you are trying to get out of it! To get the protein powders, at least higher quality ones, the protein goes through an extraction process to get strictly just whey. There are no vitamins, minerals, etc that comes with an actual whole food source. The fats in milk have nutrients like Vitamin E.

CLA is another type of fatty acid found in milk. When the whey is extracted from lactose, fats, sugars and you buy grass-fed whey… you are missing the whole point of why you are buying that product! Those supplement companies that make those products are preying on you to buy into it and keep getting their product.

Don’t be fooled by these marketing ploys!

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