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Fat loss is not a linear process!

Fat loss is not linear

Losing weight is usually not a linear process, as some people may think. Some days and weeks you may lose weight, while during others you may gain a little bit. It’s normal for body weight to fluctuate up and down by a few pounds.

There are a couple of things I want to underline here, but let’s start with a basic misunderstanding that so many people miss.

Fat Loss Doesn’t Always Mean Weight Loss

If you stepped on the scale right now, then went 24 hours without any activity, and stepped on it again, you’d probably see two different numbers.


Because our weight can fluctuate from day to day, depending on several factors such as:
  • Fluid retention: A meal that’s high in salt can cause your body to retain water weight, which can add several pounds. Do not panic if you’re feeling bloated or you end up weighing a lot more the morning after a cheat meal. Keep in mind that this type of weight is just temporary and that you’ll eventually lose this extra weight.
  • Digestion:  Food that’s not digested can also add extra weight, which is why I highly recommend weighing yourself first thing in the morning
  • Dehydration: A loss of fluid can cause you to lose weight, just like an increase in fluid can cause you to gain. The loss of fluids right after a challenging workout is very common but this type of weight loss is only temporary.
  • Eating a large meal
  • How many layers of clothes we’re wearing : The clothes that you wear can add a few pounds, which is why you should always weigh yourself when you’re naked.
  • Hormonal changes: A large number of hormones important to your body can significantly affect your weight.
  • Constipation: it causes stool to build up in the bowels, creating an uncomfortable heavy or bloated feeling. This can make a person feel as though they are carrying extra weight.

This is why weight loss is not linear. Your weight is constantly fluctuating, which can be stressful if you’re someone who weighs themselves daily.

I highly recommend weighing yourself every two weeks. Considering there are so many factors that can impact our day-to-day weight, that’s why I suggest to my clients to use other tools to measure their progress whatever their goal is (fat loss or building) :
  • For face-to-face clients, I personally take measurements and progress pictures every two weeks
  • Online clients, they can enter their measurements and photos on my app
Final thoughts:

Now that you know why weight loss isn’t linear, you have a better idea of how to accurately track your fitness progress. Remember, the way we lose weight isn’t a neat process. Our weight changes on a daily basis, for a number of reasons, whether it is fluid retention or hormonal changes. But by knowing how to track your progress the right way, you can stay on top of your fitness goals and achieve the perfect body you’ve been working so hard for.


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