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Think about it, Squad: What’s Your Endurance Sport & Why do you exercise?

Do You Exercise Just Because Society Says You Should?

Is it because your doctor recommended it? You want to set a good example for your kids? You have a fast approaching high school reunion or wedding?

Don’t get me wrong, all of these reasons for exercise are great ones. But as personal trainers, it is our responsibility to think bigger. Consider what will happen after you reach the weight your doctor recommended, or your kids follow your lead and go off on their own to participate in team sports leaving you on the sidelines, or you fit into that dream dress for your wedding or high school reunion.

I fully recognize the fact that these are phenomenal accomplishments; but what happens when there’s nothing left to work for? Sure, everybody says “this time I will keep the weight off.” But what is your “why” for exercise now? As personal trainers, we see relapse all too often. Time and time again we witness the steady slip back into the yo-yo diet routine.

At Pure Endure Fitness, we live for the long term “whys” of exercise. Our job is not successful until we can support you in creating lasting life changing habits. We believe in always having a goal to work towards. For these reasons, along with many others, our programs are not considered “exercise,” they are considered “training”.

What’s Your Endurance Sport?

One of the first questions we ask potential new Squad Members is: “Have you ever considered running a 5K, 10K, or other endurance sport?” Often times, we get a response along the lines of “Oh, no. I hate running!” or, “I tried, and it’s just so boring!”. These are answers I can totally sympathize with. After all, I am emerging into the field after many years of being an indoor kid. But still, the fact remains that no matter which method or endurance sport you choose to get back into shape, a huge factor is going to rely heavily on cardiovascular training, or running! So why not make it enjoyable while you do it?

We challenge our Squad to train for a specific event

You’d be amazed at what proper movement, strength, flexibility and stability training can do when it is coupled with a proven cardiovascular training plan. We have Squad Members go from an,“I hate running,”  mindset to “I am shooting for a new personal best at the 5K this August.” When one goal is met, we ask them what their next one is, and they always have a specific answer.  Because in the endurance community, it is impossible not to be infected by the positive encouragement and limitless unique events to participate in.

And guess what? That wedding dress will fit just fine, and your doctor will congratulate you on losing weight quickly and safely. Pretty soon, the other parents on the youth soccer field sidelines will be asking what your secret is. We hope your answer will be something along the lines of: “I am a Squad Member at Pure Endure Fitness, and I am always training for the next event.”

You know, give or take on the verbiage. You can use your own words… if you want!

So, do you exercise because of an outside factor?

Does society tell you that you should be in better shape? Or do you exercise for you, and train like an elite athlete?

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