Nutrition We Are Eating Blind

Every day we put food in our mouth without much thought process about it. We are eating blind!


We tend to let our taste buds rule us and eat what we are craving. We are eating plenty yet starving ourselves on a nutritional level.

Heart disease is among the top killers of North America

While we fund raise and try to find a cure for the other top killers, we already know the cure for heart disease yet it still seems to be a major problem? Why? Why do we do this to ourselves?

Choices, every day we can actively make choices as to what we eat and put into our bodies. We can control the outcome of how we feel and take care of our current and future health.

Our bodies are made up of 37 trillion cells that are fundamental for human life. What we eat every day has an impact on those cells and has a domino effect throughout the whole body. Something as simple as a weak ileocecal valve can create a whole lot of problems. Once the liver starts having difficulties neutralizing the peroxides (caused by poor nutrition) it leaks through the weak ileocecal valve and causes yeast in the intestines. This then causes all sorts of auto immune system diseases. The good news is this can be fixed! Our bodies are amazing and wants to fix itself if given the opportunity. Every time you eat you are either feeding disease or fighting it. 

We need to push for change for the way we eat but also for where our food comes from. I’ve had many people one to me and say “I eat healthy, I shop with a plan at the grocery store, I eat all my fruits and veggies” and while they have a healthy weight they still feel low on energy, continuously getting sick, lack of motivation. I explain to them that the produce in the grocery stores are made for mass production and have very low nutritional value. We need to get back to basics. We need food grown from healthy nutritional soil as part of our daily diet. We need to seek out and support local farmers who make an effort to grow from nutrient rich soil and high quality seeds. Just think, there’s less calorie counting if your food don’t have labels.

Now more than ever we also need to supplement in what we are lacking. It is so important to find out what your body is missing, what it needs and then to give it good quality supplements to help it heal and prosper. (Side note. Please re use or recycle any containers from supplements as plastic on our land and in our ocean completely has an effect on our food chain).

We know everyone links proper nutrition to physical health but what about our mental and emotional health? The brain uses up to 20% of the body’s energy. It never rests even while sleeping. Our brain creates our thoughts and feelings. Those thoughts and feelings control all aspects of our lives.

So let’s go back to the beginning. Why are we eating blind?

Food controls our physical, mental and emotional health. WE CAN CHANGE. We can choose to change. We can re train those taste buds! We can choose where are food comes from and we can supplement when nutritional food isn’t always available.

Any time you eat ask yourself “is this food or is this a food like product?” With any change it can take time. But the more you educate yourself and practise the easier it will get. Good habits will replace bad habits and you will eat with your eyes open.

What do you think?