Exercise Diary of a Trainerize Client: 1st Workout with My Personal Trainer

Since last week was my assessment with my personal trainer, this week was my first real one-on-one training session.

I was nervous, sweaty.

And this was before the session even started!

workout with a personal trainer

My Warm up

I got to the gym a little bit early to warm up on the treadmill, since I didn’t want it cutting into my scheduled hour with the trainer.

My personal trainer then had me do a few warm-up dynamic exercises to get my blood flow moving. It’s actually quite important to warm up before you do any intense exercises or heavy lifting, to prevent yourself from pulling a muscle, or doing other damage.

My Exercises

Then we moved onto some core exercises. I was instructed to do a set of planks, stability ball rollouts with a swiss ball, and leg curls with a swiss ball. I went through this set of exercises three times, 10 repetitions each. I was started to get my sweat on already!

Next, we went to the cable machine for some resistance exercises. I actually kick myself for not checking how much weight I was using. (I’ll have to message my trainer through the Trainerize app to check!) Here I did weighted squats, and two different upper body twists that engaged my core–and three sets of 10 reps for everything.

Next up was a full plank from my hands, squeezing either side of the swiss ball, holding it for as long as I could (preferably between 30-60 seconds), plank-to-pushups, and one-legged curls on the swiss ball, with the other leg up in the air. I did this three sets of these as well. Today’s exercises were all perfect for engaging my core, and working my glutes and hamstrings.


I will be the first to admit, I don’t do enough stretching. After I run, or go for a long ride on my bike, I usually do a few stretches for my quads, hamstrings, and calves, but most of the time, I quit there. I’ve been meaning to get more diligent with stretches for my back, glutes, and hip flexors. Everything is connected, and it’s so important to stretch every part of your body.

The trainer assisted me with some stretches, and it made such a difference! Some of them were painful. But that good kind of pain. (I think!)

Looking forward to my next training session!

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