Trainers Decisions: It’s too hard…

Decisions: It's too hard...
I get it. I’m a trainer!

Of course it’s easy for me to preach about the right decisions and how easy it should be to become more active and eat right. Everyone knows that, right?

Well, maybe. Most people I talk to know that sitting in front of a screen binging on a bag of chips isn’t the right thing to do. They know they should be moving more and eating healthier – so what’s the problem? The answer dispels the myth that trainers (yes, me too) are superheroes who have the power to thwart the temptation of donuts with our magical broccoli shields.

Everyday, before I get out of bed, I have to make a series of decisions to make sure I stay on the right track.

I decide what I’m going to eat and when I’m going to work out. I also decide if I’m going to eat those Christmas cookies my neighbor just gave me or skip the workout today. I know which set of decisions are the right ones. I just plan ahead and stay in control of my activities.

At the spur of the moment, logic and reason can get overridden by emotions or unexpected events.

Make the decisions ahead of time to be healthy.

What do you think?