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Try these 5 simple stress busters tips to improve your everyday life

Everyone knows that stress is a major problem in modern society. Everyday people feel the punch and kick of stress from their work life, family ties, and financial woes – there’s just so much that’s going on!

Check it, take a 5-minute break to read these five quick stress busters tips on how you can take the edge off:

1. Find relief in your own home

The daily trials and tribulations of life can really take a toll on you. Luckily there are many ways to find relief in your own home. One good way is by shutting out the world for an hour every day so you have space to indulge yourself with activities like reading or playing music. Another option would be taking a relaxing bath accompanied by candles and soft music. It will not only make these hard days more tolerable but also help lower your stress level.

2. Get some distance

It’s important that you find solutions when dealing with stressful situations. One suggestion is the tried and true “get some distance” tactic. This can help you think clearly about how to address a problem that has your head spinning around in circles. Get out of town for a day or weekend if possible, preferably somewhere peaceful where you have room to breathe and relax. Take along a journal so that any thoughts come flooding back while taking time off from work-related stressors like deadlines and meetings. This way clarity will be easier to attain also.

3. Accept change

Change is an unavoidable part of all that’s living. But, change can be difficult to accept and may cause stress if not accepted in the correct way. When faced with a change or even multiple changes it’s important to remember this: there will always be positives involved when you are willing to face things head on instead of resisting them!

When something new comes along that we aren’t used to, it presents us with opportunities for growth as long as we’re looking out for those positive moments every day no matter how tough our situation appears. Change doesn’t bring about stress – rather it all depends on your reaction towards what has happened while also taking into account what kind person you want to become along the way based off these experiences.

4. Blast that Task Day

Chores can be overwhelming, but you don’t have to feel that way. When the list becomes too overwhelming, it’s time for a “Blast that Task Day!”. Just imagine how much time is saved if we take on these tasks in one day. Why not create a list of projects, then schedule at least 1 hour for each type of task? Suddenly, that long daunting list shrinks with just 2 hours’ worth of work. This is nothing compared to the 9+ hours it would have taken otherwise.

5. Give yourself a pampering party

Finally, give yourself a pampering party to reduce stress brought on from busy lifestyle.  This is the ultimate way of escaping from your everyday life and spending some time just for you. You’ll feel great afterwards, invigorated with stress-free energy that will last throughout the week ahead.

Pick a day (maybe 1x per month), try this activity:

Low impact workout session + swimming or hot sauna detox session = come out feeling recovered. Steam room followed by a Jacuzzi soak= tension buster and relaxed muscles – an excellent combo after working hard all week long.

Pick and choose different activities every hour so that it feels like you’re really taking care of yourself without having to spend too much money on expensive amenities at once.

You know that feeling when you’re about to jump in a pool? That excited, fearful anticipation before the splash and then relief afterwards – that’s the majority of us every single day. We’re always so stressed out but it doesn’t have to be like this anymore because one of these 5 tips is going to work for you today!

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