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Daily Health and Fitness

Everyone knows what an “unhealthy” lifestyle is:

  • Drinking
  • Smoking
  • Eating unhealthy foods
  • Not enough sleep

These are the things that usually come to mind. It’s easy to think “I don’t partake in any of those things, so I’m pretty healthy”, but there’s one huge unhealthy lifestyle bullet missing from above. That would be, sedentary. A sedentary lifestyle is one of the most unhealthy lifestyle habits that a person can make.

What if I Workout Every Day of the Week?

On average, a person is awake 14-16 hours a day. If you go to the gym every single day for one hour, that leaves you with 13-15 hours left in your day to go to college classes, work, and/or be a parent.

Being sedentary means you have prolonged times of your day where you are not moving. You’re sitting in the car, you’re sitting in classes, sitting at work, sitting at your kids’ baseball practice. “60-85% of the population worldwide does not engage in enough activity. Making physical inactivity the fourth leading risk factor for global mortality” (LifeSpan).

So What Can You Do?

Before starting your day, try and go for a walk in the morning, or take breaks at work to walk or stand as much as you can. A lot of workplaces are trying to incorporate more physical activity in an office setting. For instance, college students can get up and walk around or do some jumping jacks to take a break from studying, and it might even help you study more efficiently!

Final Thoughts

A sedentary lifestyle can lead to many physical problems like achy joints, imbalanced muscles, lower metabolism, heart problems, and so much more. So, even with regular gym time, if you aren’t moving throughout the day you are considered sedentary. With regular movement you will feel better and reduce the risk of health problems you may currently have or experience in the future.


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