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bodyweight exercises

Try these bodyweight exercises today and start taking action!

If you’re new to fitness, don’t have access to a gym, and/or a gym membership doesn’t fit the budget?

Be Resourceful and Start Taking Action.

Try Bodyweight Exercises!

Exercises such as Push-ups, Squats, Bird Dogs, Dead Bugs, and Planks are great beginner exercises to start with and to implement into a consistent workout routine. However, if you can’t push your own bodyweight successfully, try it assisted.

Wall Push-ups is a great way to work on form. As they become easier, transition to Elevated Push-ups. You can use your kitchen counter, dresser, sofa, or chair to help keep you elevated. You can make these easier by raising the elevation (feet closer to object) or harder by decreasing the elevation (feet away from object).

Seated Squats or Box Squats are a great way to work on form and to strengthen the muscles (hip flexors, quads, glutes, hamstrings, spinal erectors and lower back) that are activated in the squat. As you become stronger, you can transition into Air Squats (no seat or box).

Elevated Planks are great if you struggle with traditional planks (on elbows). You can change the elevation by keeping yourself upright on your hands (push-up position). You can use your kitchen counter, dresser, sofa, or chair to help keep you elevated. To make these challenging, you can add leg lifts (raising your feet behind you a few inches off of the ground).

You can combine these exercises into a 5-round circuit, a set of reps for each.  For example:10 Push-ups, 20 Squats, 1 min. Plank. Complete all exercises five times with or without rest.

Every Minute on The Minute or (EMOM), For 10 minutes complete a set of an exercise and the remainder of the minutes is rest. For example, you completed 10 reps of push-ups in 15 seconds, you have 45 seconds of rest before starting your reps of squats for the next minute.

So, don’t let the excuse of not having access to a gym stop you from reaching your fitness goals (getting back into shape, losing weight, or building an active lifestyle).

Try these bodyweight exercises today and Get After It.

Below are videos that can assist you.

Struggling With Push-Ups? From Stabil FIT Life


Assisted Bodyweight Exercises From Stabil FIT Life


Have A Stabil FIT Life!

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