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Metabolism is the key to successful Body Fat Loss. Here’s why!

Body Fat Loss Simple Secret

The human body is a very sophisticated machine with complex and intricate bio-chemical processes. One of these precesses is consumption and utilization of body’s biological fuel- food.

Body fat loss is determined by several factors. Two of them are negative calorie balance and type of food we eat. Its crucial to know how much of food is ingested, how and when it is utilized. These processes are dictated by thousands of years of evolution and adaptation. However, human body has made changes from the environment it has been exposed to.

Body fat loss secret revealed

The secret of body fat loss is to understand and manipulate these predetermined biological principals to our advantage. One of these principals is metabolic set point. This is also known as resting metabolic rate. By changing this metabolic set point you can finally take control of your body composition, the way you look and feel.

All human beings have a metabolic set point that can be changed. It is accelerated by the increase of skeletal muscle though introduction of resistance training. Whereas increased amount of skeletal muscle in our bodies increases resting metabolic rate.

For every pound of lean body weight gained, its expected to add 50 calories to resting metabolism per day. Hence, by adding 10 lbs of skeletal muscle we can expect to add up to 500 calories to our resting metabolic rate. This number amounts to 1 lb of body fat per week. This figure does not factor in additional calories used during training sessions.

By increasing skeletal muscle, body increases ability to burn calories while doing a cardio workout.

The more lean muscle your body possesses the more energy is required to move that muscle. Increase in energy requirements cause an increase in caloric utilization from the body.

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