Trainers 5 Tips for Consumers to Get the Most out of their Personal Trainer Services

From our experience here at Trainerize, we know that personal training is most effective when combined with the engagement and tracking that come from using a fitness app, such as Trainerize. There are a few reasons why–like transparency between the trainer and client, and the accountability that is put on both the trainer and client to stay committed, and on track.

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Since we want you get the most value possible from your Trainerize trainer, we’ve provided a few tips below to get the most out of your personal trainer services.

1. Stay more accountable with a personal trainer

Training with a personal trainer once or twice a week is great when it comes to staying motivated, and getting a professional training plan that you can follow to achieve your health and fitness goals. Accountability is even higher if your trainer uses a personal training app like Trainerize, where they can schedule workouts for you to do while you are not seeing them, and follow your progress even when you are not by their side! Not to mention that logging your workouts with a fitness app can help you set a new performance goal, or make things fun by looking at how many workouts you completed in the last two weeks, and trying to beat it.

2. Steal the right posture!

Paying attention to how your trainer demonstrates each exercise is key for making the most out of your personal training sessions. When training both in-person and online, your trainer can share videos and instructions of their workouts so you will never forget how to do an exercise after seeing your personal trainer.

3. Track your progress with wearable devices

It’s easy to slack off when training on your own without your trainer present–that’s why it’s better when your online trainer prescribes your cardio intervals or HIIT using a specific heart rate target zone. You’ll know how hard to work. By wearing a smart device or wearable during your workout sessions, like a Fitbit–which is integrated with Trainerize–it’s easy to push yourself, and see if you are working in the right zone for each type of workout (e.g. strength training, HIIT, or cardio).

4. Make your personal training plan last longer

Can only afford personal training services for a limited time? Mix one-on-one personal training with online personal training and make your training plan last longer. Get professional advice remotely and workout on your own by tracking your stats with a mobile app and then reviewing them with your trainer when you see them in person.

5. Add Nutrition as part of your fitness plan

They say abs are made in the kitchen. Exercise isn’t the only thing you need to do when trying to tone up or lose weight. But finding a trainer that can also prescribe a nutrition plan can be tough. Some tips to get around this are to use an app like MyFitnessPal, which tracks calories in and calories out, but you can also work with an online trainer who uses the Trainerize app where trainers can set nutrition goals and track your macro and calories every day.

The best way to include all of these elements into your personal training regime is to find a trainer who uses an online mobile app like Trainerize; the value and long-term accountability that it provides both the trainer and the client is unmatchable.

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  1. I like how you talked about hybridizing your plan between one-on-one time and online tracking. This way you can have a little more control over how flexible you want your schedule to be and how hard you want to work. I’ll have to remember your tips if I ever get a personal trainer!

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