Lifestyle 5 Reasons Why YOU Should Have a Life Coach

The whole reason we hire a life coach is to get us better in some way.

5 Reasons Why YOU Should Have a Life Coach

If we want to master a sport, musical instrument, language, or learning how to cook, it’s common knowledge that reaching out to an expert is the best way to learn. And now, coaching doesn’t have to be in person. You can learn basically anything you want on things like YouTube, Udemy, Audible, and Mentor Box.

Now, when it comes to how we decide what’s worth getting coaching on, we focus on the things we’re most passionate about. For me, it’s Football, health and business. For my sister, it was dance and cheerleading. But the thing that everyone on planet earth has in common… we’re all very passionate about ourselves.

This begs the question: Why doesn’t everyone have a life coach?

The answer is usually money or people believe that a life coach wouldn’t be of any value to them.  While I agree that not everyone needs a life coach, I do think it’s something that’s very underutilized.

I’d like to briefly go through 5 ways in which most people would benefit from having a life coach:

Goal Setting

Human beings need a target to chase after, otherwise, we aren’t as happy. We feel best when we are accomplishing, working hard, and doing great work! That is much more likely to happen when we have clearly set goals. It’s not as simple as writing down our goals and having them come true though. We’ve gotta know what obstacles will arise and what we’ll do to overcome them! This is an idea that will change your entire life. Once you get in the mindset of picturing problems before they arise, you’ll be ready for anything and always be on top of your game. But this all comes back to knowing what you want to accomplish in the first place. The pilot of the plane I’m on while writing this should have his destination clearly laid out as well as the emergency protocol should anything bad happen (Hope not!). If not, he wouldn’t be much of an expert, would he? If you don’t have great goals lined up in your life, and know what your next target is, would you consider yourself an expert on YOUR life? And would you be happy knowing that you’re not an expert on yourself yet? So, this is where having a life coach would come in. It’s much easier to look at someone else’s life in black and white, help set clear goals, and make big decisions. You have probably observed this yourself. Think of all the times you’ve had thoughts on a problem that you had an easy solution for and couldn’t understand why the person involved in the problem didn’t see it. All of us fall blindly at times because we become too emotionally attached to ourselves and make decisions with emotion, not logic. Life coaches can give a valuable fresh 3rd perspective.

Forming the Right Habits

This one is the most important things to get organized in your life. Your habits. Take a look at all the things you do on a consistent basis. The things you do every day…those things will help determine the outcome of your life. Doesn’t matter what you do for a living; each career/goal has their own few cornerstone habits that need to be done if you want to be successful. As a Quarterback, I have to work on a few things consistently: throwing motion, decision making, and recognition. Those are things that I must do every week. As the founder of FFA, I have to create great content, contact potential clients, and work on my business every day! If I don’t, how can I expect to be successful? That’s why I use my own program to help me work through and organize my life to ensure that I’m the most successful that I can be! Using a life coach will help you get some of those cornerstone habits down and help you get rid of some not-so-good habits.

Getting your priorities in line

This one goes without saying, but I think that our habits reflect our priorities. If I watch a bit of TV every day instead of working on a goal, that means that I’ve decided to value entertainment more than success. Take a look at your life. Look at your daily habits…would you say that your priorities are in line? If they are, great! If they aren’t, then why not? The reason is usually the word “WHY”. You have to know your ‘why’. You’ve gotta know why it’s more important for you to work on a goal instead of watching TV. Getting into the habit of reflecting on this will help keep those priorities in line. My ‘why’ is to be the best version of myself and a version that I can say I’m proud of. With that thought in line, it’s easy to focus my priorities where they need to be.


It’s always good to have an accountabili-buddy to hold you to your best and nothing less. Everyone on all levels in the world needs this because it has such a strong effect to be held accountable for something. That’s partially because one of the most painful emotions to experience is disappointment. As humans, we don’t like letting people down. Imagine a time when you let down your parents, children, friends, teachers…never feels too good. So, it’s great to have that person around who will check up on you and help remind you of your ‘why’. Use the fact that you feel awful letting people down to your benefit. Consistently put yourself in situations to practice not letting people (life coach) down and you will get better over time!

An Unbiased Perspective

We touched on this a bit before, but it’s hard to make decisions or judgements when emotions are involved. Having a 3rd party always helps to give a different perspective and gives you the opportunity to grow as a person by practicing humility. Any time you can get an unbiased opinion on something that you are very biased on, it should be desired! You can learn so much from the way you respond in your head, whether you get defensive or feel open to new ideas. You get the opportunity to consistently get counterpoints that challenge your values and ideas. That will either help you work out the kinks and solidify them in your head or change them. Either way, you’re improving.

In my mind, everyone should have a life-coach or some type of mentor. It’s the fastest way to self-improvement, which is what everyone should be striving for. I genuinely believe that we all have a purpose on the planet, which is whatever we decide it to be, and then we should work our butt off to serve that purpose. Mine is spreading health and fitness education across the world and helping as many people as I can change their lives for the better. And to help chase that purpose, I use a life coach, my dad (who doesn’t know he’s being used as a life coach… until NOW). He helps me with every major life decision, consistently gives me feedback and advice, and helps me be better. I also use the system that I’ve developed to help keep me on track and want to help you do the same in your life!

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