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The first 21 days are the most important!

21 days to a new you

Everyone who is currently in the fitness industry has been in the exact same place as you, simply a newbie in the gym with a dream of a six pack and more confidence. Every year people promise themselves that this will be their year to get in shape, that they will finally get the body of their dreams and become a better version of themselves.

Sadly, most people will begin to make excuses after just a few workouts, and later on eventually quit training all together. With that being said this does not have to happen, and their are ways to overcome the obstacles you will be faced with when starting your new fitness journey.

To begin with, it takes a mere 21 days to make something a habit.

Often when people start a fitness program they get tired and the thought of them doing this routine for months or years on end will cause them to quit. This does not need to happen however, because the first 21 days of working out are all most people need to get through in order to make fitness a part of their everyday routine.

Remember when you were young and you would always forget to brush your teeth? Well now it becomes second nature doesn’t it?  Over time the same thing will happen to you when it comes to going to the gym.

The first 21 days of any program will be a learning experience for most, especially those who have been sedentary for most of their lives. It is a good idea to realize you will be sore as your body is adjusting to the workouts, and it will hurt but in the end you will become better from it. The key is to stay focused and think short term compared to long term. Remember, after those three weeks you will no longer be as sore from working out, and the gym will begin to feel more routine compared to a burden.

Now, during the duration of the first 21 days it is extremely important to retain as much information as possible. Learn the proper way to eat, effective exercises, and have a set goal in mind. This is important because even after the gym becomes a part of your everyday life you will want to know what your doing, and no longer be a newbie. Having a solid foundation will help you moving forward and make it much easier to move into more advanced lifts and exercises.

It can be scary when you start to incorporate a new activity in your daily life, especially one like working out. It will take time, effort, heart, and character, but in the end you will be a much better you than when you started. When you feel like giving up remember that 3 weeks is all you need to get through, attack this journey head on, and never give up.

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