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Why is knowledge your most valuable tool for exercise?

All my services are based on three key principles. Whether it’s 1:1 Personal Training, Online Coaching, or if you are subscribing to my Online Plans Subscription, knowing about Foundation, Progression, and Maintenance will give you the edge in all areas of your fitness journey.

So let’s look at these in a little more detail:


Where the journey begins! It really doesn’t matter if you are starting out for the first time or if you tried and tried before and not got the result you wanted.

Here we start with the first phase. We’re learning about food groups, portion control meal prep, and of course, the first 4 weeks of your fitness program. Don’t be afraid to mess up with not quite getting the technique down or slipping up and having a McDonald’s mid-week because of the Monopoly season (Come on Mayfair)! Remember this is the beginning and we are laying the groundwork for success, mistakes are welcome as long as we learn from them. Once those 4 weeks are done, we move on to…


The first 4 weeks are in the bag, exercise is now a part of your routine and we have a solid understanding of what we are eating and how much we are eating. Now we enter the phase where admittedly the workouts become a tad bit more intense, but we are progressing every week. Motivation is at an all-time high because we are completing our weekly targets and getting healthier and stronger (hopefully some new Personal Bests are being thrown in as well!). Our mindset changes as well because we KNOW what we are capable of and we have gone from ‘I need to hire someone to get me results’ to ‘I’m actually learning how to stay healthy and train’.


We have now gone from adding exercise and eating right into our routine to now it’s basically second nature. We have separated the fads and trends from social media and hearsay and now deal with facts because we are actively doing it. It’s the last phase of our plan and the finish line is in sight. So we spent the last 4 weeks working hard in our workouts and continuing to minimize slip-ups.

At the end of the phase, our program is complete (give yourself a pat on the back!) and you have the choice of either going at it alone or continuing to get coaching from yours truly. Either way, I’m so proud of you, and more importantly you are proud of yourself.

So in 12 weeks, we have made progress, learned how we did it and how we can keep it that way because after all, as Ronda Rousey once said:

”It’s easy to get the Championship, but it’s much harder to keep it”

And with me in your corner, I have no doubt you will be undisputed. As always, I want to help as many people as I can, so don’t be shy, contact me if you have any questions.

But for now, drink plenty of water, lead with your best foot forward, and remember, being kind doesn’t cost anything.

Have a great weekend everyone.


TeamRouse Fitness

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